ReSharper for C++ EAP Goes On

As you may have already heard, the Early Access Program for ReSharper with C++ support is in progress.

We’ve prepared a new build and wanted to share a quick update on what new features and options it brings to the table:

  • Better performance: indexes are now saved locally, meaning that subsequent launches are faster than the initial launch.
  • Improved code completion including smart completion.
  • More settings to customize code formatting style.
  • New control flow analyses that detect unreachable code, unitialized local variable, assigned value that is never used, and redundant ‘else’ keyword.
  • New quick-fixes including Create from usage for global variables, class and enum members.

To learn more on what ReSharper C++ features are already implemented and how they can help you in your everyday work, check this video by Dmitri Nesteruk:

Please note that there are still limitations in terms of supported project size (up to 40 MB), MS C++ extensions and MS preprocessor extensions. ReSharper C++ EAP page contains a full list of known issues and unsupported items, which you’re highly encouraged to examine before you decide to download and install an EAP build.

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5 Responses to ReSharper for C++ EAP Goes On

  1. Avatar

    Pieter van Ginkel says:

    June 30, 2014

    How does installing this EAP affect C# and VB.NET support? If I install this EAP, will those still work?

    • Avatar

      Daria Dovzhikova says:

      June 30, 2014


      These builds incorporate all ReSharper features including support for C# and VB. But since it is an EAP, it’s far from being final in terms of stable languages and libraries support. It also doesn’t support plugins yet.

  2. Avatar

    Klaus Lüdenscheidt says:

    July 1, 2014

    Is it possible (or could you make it possible) to install the EAP in a separate Visual Studio Hive (like MS does it with the experimental hive for the Roslyn CTP)?
    I think this would be great in principle for the EAP builds as i could always have a stable instance without deinstalling the EAP and installing the release build.

    • Avatar

      Matt Ellis says:

      July 1, 2014

      ReSharper already supports this. Assuming you’ve got the standard 8.2 C# version installed, run Visual Studio with “devenv.exe /ReSharper.Internal”. You’ll get prompted to move the registration of ReSharper to a per-user location. You need to do this to get the standard install of ReSharper out of the way. C# ReSharper will now only run in the standard hive, and not in any custom hives.

      Then, you need to install the C++ EAP build. Make sure you use the Advanced install, and ensure that previous versions (specifically the 8.2 standard install) are not removed. The C++ ReSharper is registered as a per-machine install and loads in all hives.

      Create a custom hive (I’ll call it “cpp”) and run “devenv.exe /RootSuffix cpp /ReSharper.Internal”. This is running the C++ ReSharper (C# ReSharper only lives in the default hive), and it will prompt you to move the C++ registration to the “foo” hive.

      Once you’ve restarted VS, you should now have the C# ReSharper in the per-user, default hive and C++ installed into the “cpp” hive.

      Keeping the C++ EAP up to date becomes a little more involved now – you can’t just install a new version over the top of the existing version, as that will also remove the C# version. You need to manually uninstall the C++ version, then reinstall, and move the registration again.

  3. Avatar

    Klaus Lüdenscheidt says:

    July 1, 2014

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will try it out as soon as possible.

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