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ReSharper for C++ EAP Goes On

As you may have already heard, the Early Access Program for ReSharper with C++ support is in progress.

We’ve prepared a new build and wanted to share a quick update on what new features and options it brings to the table:

  • Better performance: indexes are now saved locally, meaning that subsequent launches are faster than the initial launch.
  • Improved code completion including smart completion.
  • More settings to customize code formatting style.
  • New control flow analyses that detect unreachable code, unitialized local variable, assigned value that is never used, and redundant ‘else’ keyword.
  • New quick-fixes including Create from usage for global variables, class and enum members.

To learn more on what ReSharper C++ features are already implemented and how they can help you in your everyday work, check this video by Dmitri Nesteruk:

Please note that there are still limitations in terms of supported project size (up to 40 MB), MS C++ extensions and MS preprocessor extensions. ReSharper C++ EAP page contains a full list of known issues and unsupported items, which you’re highly encouraged to examine before you decide to download and install an EAP build.

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