Meet ReSharper, ReSharper C++ and ReSharper Ultimate

We’d like to give a preview of updates to JetBrains .NET product line that will become effective as soon as ReSharper 9 and other JetBrains .NET tools are released in coming weeks.

TL;DR: ReSharper editions (C#, VB.NET and Full) are going away. Instead, the ReSharper product line will now consist of 3 items:

  • ReSharper (formerly Full Edition: C#, VB.NET, XAML and other languages traditionally supported by ReSharper; no C++ support),
  • ReSharper C++ (C++ support only)
  • ReSharper Ultimate (includes both ReSharper and ReSharper C++, as well as dotCover, dotTrace and doMemory.)

Please see details below, along with answers to some of the questions that we expect to be asked.

How exactly is the set of ReSharper products going to change?

ReSharper is currently available in 3 editions: C# Edition (includes all features except for VB.NET support), VB.NET Edition (includes all features except C# support), and Full Edition (includes everything that ReSharper has to offer.)

Starting with the release of ReSharper 9 next month, C# Edition and VB.NET Edition are going away, Full Edition becomes referred to as simply ReSharper, and two additional products become available. The diff looks as follows:

  • ReSharper C# Edition. Will no longer be available.
  • ReSharper VB.NET Edition. Will no longer be available.
  • What has been known as ReSharper Full Edition will now be referred to as simply ReSharper. This will include all ReSharper functionality available in the current Full Edition, including support for C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, XAML and build scripts. However C++ support will not be available in this product. If you have an active ReSharper upgrade subscription to C#, VB.NET or Full Edition by the time of ReSharper 9 release, you will be able to upgrade to ReSharper 9 for free.
  • ReSharper C++. This is a new offering in the ReSharper product line and will only provide C++ support.
  • ReSharper Ultimate. This is also new. ReSharper Ultimate will provide all ReSharper functionality including C++ support, and it will also include all other commercial JetBrains .NET tools: the set that currently consists of dotCover, dotTrace, and dotMemory.

Here’s how the new products relate to each other: ReSharper and ReSharper C++ are distinct products but ReSharper Ultimate unites them and adds other .NET tools:

How ReSharper, ReSharper C++ and ReSharper Ultimate relate

Why change anything?

There are two major reasons behind introducing these changes:

  • We wanted to get the positioning of ReSharper and .NET tools in sync with reality. For instance, isolating C# and VB.NET editions don’t make much sense anymore as ReSharper now supports over 10 programming languages. However separating C++ support from everything else does make sense as C++ and .NET applications are usually developed separately.
  • We wanted to streamline concurrent usage of ReSharper with other .NET tools. Traditionally, many customers have been hesitant to use dotTrace, dotMemory and dotCover alongside the widely popular ReSharper. This has happened for various reasons, notably those related to price and compatibility. For example, profilers would sometimes be seen as costing too much without being fully applicable in a day-to-day .NET developer workflow, and integrating all these tools in Visual Studio could increase memory consumption to intolerable levels. Both of these problems are now solved: one (price) with recent pricing changes and integrating .NET tools into the single-license ReSharper Ultimate product, the other (compatibility) with a considerable effort of getting all JetBrains .NET tools to reuse a shared set of libraries and thus drastically decreasing memory consumption when more than a single tool (for example, ReSharper and dotCover) is integrated in the same version of Visual Studio and used concurrently.

What is ReSharper Ultimate?

ReSharper Ultimate is introduced as the top-level product in the ReSharper product line that combines all individual tools for .NET developers that JetBrains produces, as well as ReSharper C++. After the release of ReSharper 9, ReSharper Ultimate will include:

  • ReSharper
  • ReSharper C++
  • dotMemory
  • dotTrace
  • dotCover

A ReSharper Ultimate license makes a single developer eligible to use all 5 products on a single developer workstation. You can install them all at once, or at any time you feel you need them, and use a single license key to activate any of them.

Purchasing licenses to separate products will also be possible. For example, if you don’t need ReSharper but you need dotCover, dotMemory or dotTrace, you will still be able to purchase them separately. However if you need more than two of these tools, and also if you need any of these tools and ReSharper, then ReSharper Ultimate would be the easier and most probably the cheaper way to go.

Why would I be interested in ReSharper Ultimate?

There are several reasons why purchasing ReSharper Ultimate licenses can be beneficial:

  • Using both .NET languages and C++. If a single developer uses Visual Studio to code both in C# (or VB.NET, or TypeScript, or other languages supported by ReSharper) and in C++, they would probably want to have ReSharper help out in both worlds. Purchasing both ReSharper and ReSharper C++ for this developer is an option but ReSharper Ultimate is priced roughly the same and additionally makes the developer eligible to use dotCover, dotTrace and dotMemory.
  • Easier procurement and license key management. As opposed to maintaining several sets of licenses to individual JetBrains .NET tools that could be subject to different licensing terms and require renewal at different dates, you get a single license key per developer that you don’t have to renew any more often than once a year.
  • Uniform maintenance. Traditionally, JetBrains .NET tools have distributed using different licensing schemes, which would introduce unnecessary confusion at times for customers with licenses to more than a single tool. To make things easier, ReSharper Ultimate always includes a 1-year subscription meaning you won’t have to monitor subscription expiration dates for every tool, but instead you can upgrade them all for free during a year after purchase date. As soon as the first year of free subscription expires, you can renew all covered products for one more year, in one go.
  • Price. ReSharper Ultimate pricing is crazy appealing. For example, if you’re a company from the US and you’re considering buying commercial licenses to all JetBrains .NET tools, here’s how much you’d have to shell out to buy them separately:
    $349 (ReSharper) + $229 (ReSharper C++) + $249 (dotMemory) + $249 (dotTrace) + $199 (dotCover) = $1275. This is way overboard, right?
    In contrast, a single ReSharper Ultimate license that qualifies a single developer for all these products is worth only $599, which is over 50% off the package! You’re essentially getting 5 JetBrains .NET tools for the price of 2.

What if I want my ReSharper to support both .NET languages and C++?

If this is the case, you have two options:

  • Purchase both ReSharper and ReSharper C++. For a company based in the US, two commercial licenses would cost $349 (ReSharper) + $229 (ReSharper C++) = $578.
  • Purchase ReSharper Ultimate. For a company based in the US, a single ReSharper Ultimate license would cost $599. This is just a tad more expensive than the combo of two ReSharper licenses suggested above, plus the Ultimate license would also make you eligible to use dotMemory, dotTrace and dotCover.

ReSharper C++ release however is going to be delayed

While ReSharper 9 and updates to other .NET tools are expected to be released in early December, ReSharper C++ will not reach release quality by this time and will only be available as Beta. The ReSharper C++ team expects to deliver the final release in early 2015.

Therefore if you’re looking to purchase a license to ReSharper C++, you have the option to either hold off until the final release of ReSharper C++ (and use the free Beta before it goes live) or purchase ReSharper Ultimate that will cover ReSharper C++ as soon as the latter goes live.

You’ll be able to use the free ReSharper C++ Beta in any case, the choice goes down to spending money earlier (by purchasing ReSharper Ultimate) or later (by purchasing a ReSharper C++ license as soon as it’s available for purchase.)

Upgrades and renewals

Will I be able to upgrade my existing ReSharper Full/C#/VB.NET license to ReSharper 9?

Sure. If you have a license without free upgrade subscription or with an expired free upgrade subscription, this would be a paid upgrade.

However if you have a ReSharper C#, VB.NET or Full Edition license with a free upgrade subscription that is active by the time of ReSharper 9 release, you’ll be able to upgrade to ReSharper 9 for free.

Will I be able to upgrade my existing ReSharper Full/C#/VB.NET Edition license to ReSharper 9 Ultimate?

Yes, you can upgrade to ReSharper Ultimate from your current license at any time for an upgrade fee.

Will I be able to upgrade my existing dotTrace/dotCover/dotMemory license to ReSharper Ultimate?

No, there’s no explicit way to upgrade existing dotTrace (formerly dotTrace Performance), dotMemory (formerly dotTrace Memory) or dotCover licenses to ReSharper Ultimate as we don’t anticipate high demand on this upgrade path. If real demand proves us wrong, we’ll reconsider and find a solution.

For how long will I receive free updates for the products covered by ReSharper Ultimate license?

Every ReSharper Ultimate license includes 1-year subscription to all updates across all tools that it includes. After your subscription expires you can continue using the latest installed versions of the tools, and you will be eligible to receive free bug-fix updates as well (those that have 3 digits in version number).

Please note that there are no traditional “per major version” licenses to ReSharper Ultimate: when you buy (or upgrade to) a ReSharper Ultimate license, you always receive 1 year of free upgrades.


The considerable changes outlined above can be hard to understand, and communicating them is not an easy task as well. If you have any questions, please ask them in comments, and we’ll try our best to clarify.

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51 Responses to Meet ReSharper, ReSharper C++ and ReSharper Ultimate

  1. MichaelD! says:

    There should *definitely* be a BroDeal for ReSharper + Memory/Trace/Cover!!! I am in the camp that is very interested in this combo, but do not want to pay an organ to possess them all. :) You should definitely provide a super sweet deal for developers that want the whole package minus C++ … especially those who have been there since the beginning! *halo*

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Michael, thanks for your input. Considering that ReSharper Ultimate provides 5 products for the price of 2-3 products, we feel that the price is fair even if one of the products isn’t going to be used.

      • James Norman says:

        But are those prices corporate licenses or personal ones?

        • James Norman says:

          Nevermind, found your comment below

          “Craig, for new personal licenses, pricing in USD should be as follows:

          * ReSharper: $149
          * ReSharper C++: $99
          * ReSharper Ultimate: $249

          Granted, prices in EUR and other available currencies may differ.”

      • MichaelD! says:

        Thank you for your reply, Jura. To be honest, $259 personal seems more than a fair price now that VS Community Edition is released from MSFT. I was going to be paying $4K for an MSDN BizSpark subscription renewal, but now I save that going with the Community Edition. I have nothing but respect for the ReSharper Team, especially with how you have had to deal with adapting with jumping from version to version of VS, and have managed to continue to make things work. It is also great to see you support Xamarin.Forms and Xaml-based development, as well. So, please expect my $600 and continue building greatness with your team!!!

        • MichaelD! says:

          Oops… I mean $249, not $600 or $259, LOL… The article is a little confusing as it mentions $600 for business but does not mention personal until the comments!

          Also, you guys should switch to Disqus for your comments so that we can edit them. :)

          • Jura Gorohovsky says:

            Thanks Michael!

            We’re going to have a separate page at that explains the new product line, and I think we’ll make personal pricing more transparent there.

            As to comments, WordPress comments can be usually edited as well. If you’re not able to do this, it can be related to the way permissions are set up and possibly with the pre-moderation policy. As to using Disqus, we considered it a while ago but AFAIK it does have its share of cons, too.

  2. JonathanK says:

    I think the concept of Resharper Ultimate is a great idea. I do think more details need to be provided to migrate existing licenses to the Resharper Ultimate line. For example, in my case, I currently have licenses to (Resharper Full, DotCover, DotTrace, and DotMemory). I don’t have any need for Resharper C++ but I still think the Ultimate item makes sense for me. However, the expiration’s on my products are:

    Resharper Full – 3/2015
    DotCover – 9/2015
    DotTrace – 5/2015
    DotMemory – 5/2015

    So in this case, based on what I read above, I’d need to switch to the Ultimate in March 2015, and basically lose out on the extra time on my other licenses (basically no different then if I hadn’t had the other licenses). It would be nice to have an upgrade path that takes into account that I have current licenses to the other products too.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Jonathan, thanks for your comment. We thought of an upgrade scenario like yours but we haven’t managed to come up with a standard solution so far.

      I think at worst what you can do when the time comes is contact JetBrains sales and they can provide a custom discount for you.

      I’m not sure whether we can ultimately come up with an automated way to support upgrade paths like yours but we’ll give it another thought.


  3. Stephen says:

    We literally just Purchased Resharper Full less than 2 weeks ago for our 5 developers. Resharper Ultimate seems like it would be very interesting to us (especially as we use C++ extensively as well, never mind the other tools), but I fear that we’ll have to essentially pay the upgrade price early in order to get this. What do you have in place for people like ourselves who have just purchased Resharper Full? Would you be willing to let us essentially pay the difference in price now and have our renewal date still be earlier this month? How would it work if we were to upgrade?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Stephen, you should be able to upgrade to Ultimate when we start selling it, we will provide an upgrade path to switch from v8 Full with an active upgrade subscription to Ultimate.

  4. How will these prices look individual developers? The prices you’ve quoted in the article seem to be in line with the “Companies and organizations” pricing tab in the current product purchasing windows, so I’m curious how much Resharper Ultimate would cost one independent developer.

  5. Jörg B. says:

    One question – it says explicitely “A ReSharper Ultimate license makes a single developer eligible to use all 5 products on a single developer workstation“.

    Just to make that clear – one cannot use the same license on ones desktop machine when working ‘stationary’ .. and later on ones laptop (vmware fusion)? I’d have to buy two licenses to do that?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Good question, thanks.

      As before, one license can be used on different machines. The only thing that’s prohibited is concurrent usage.

      With ReSharper Ultimate it also means that you can can’t concurrently use, say, ReSharper on machine A and dotCover on machine B.

      • Jörg B. says:

        Ah perfect.. was worried the current model (same user/different machine is allowed but no concurrent usage) would change – thanks for the clarification Jura!

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  7. david hanson says:

    Have you thought about a version such as ReSharper lite or ReSharper web that just provides html, Js, typescript support.

    Because WebStorm is an alternative but I don’t want to switch ide as still have some c#code?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      David, thanks for the question. We’re not considering that though because, as you said, WebStorm is what we offer for such cases.

  8. Glenn Morton says:

    What is the USD renewal cost of Ultimate after year one?

  9. I’m glad to see that the Personal License pricing for R# Ultimate is pretty friendly to individuals (considering what’s included) but I can’t help but wonder how much R#’s value proposition is reduced by VS2015. (“Code Editor UI and Editing”)

    Also somewhat disappointing it’s called ReSharper C++ instead of RePlusPlus.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Value proposition is reduced to a negligible extent. VS2015 will provide tens of quick actions at best whereas ReSharper 9 will provide at least 700+ quick-fixes, 300+ context actions and refactorings, and all this across multiple languages whereas VS2015’s code analysis is only improved for C# and VB.NET. In cases where VS2015 and ReSharper are going to provide the same suggestions, we’re going to integrate them nicely with a single UI as previewed here.

      We’re getting questions on R# value preposition supposedly shrinking with each VS release since 2005. So far, R# is still years ahead in its scope. That said, if one is only scratching the surface of ReSharper, they might have a different perspective.

  10. Rudolf Kurka says:

    Hello, these are wonderful news! You’re spot on with

    “Traditionally, many customers have been hesitant to use dotTrace, dotMemory and dotCover alongside the widely popular ReSharper. This has happened for various reasons, notably those related to price and compatibility.”

    Steep price for the combined package is the reason I don’t use dotTrace/Memory etc. today even if they are great tools.
    Can you tell me how much is the upgrade fee going to be from C# personal edition to Ultimate with active sub?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thanks Rudolf for confirming our observations.

      I think the upgrade it’s going to be $109 in USD pricing for personal licenses, with further Ultimate subscription renewals worth $129.

  11. Peter Stevens says:

    Will INSPECTCODE also support C++?

  12. Averi Jenkins says:

    When you say:

    “Will I be able to upgrade my existing ReSharper Full/C#/VB.NET Edition license to ReSharper 9 Ultimate?

    Yes, you can upgrade to ReSharper Ultimate from your current license at any time for an upgrade fee.”

    What would be this upgrade fee? and will that impact the subscription period?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      It depends on the type of license you’re currently using (commercial or personal) and whether it has an active upgrade subscription. You can check out several upgrade pricing examples here in comments, they mostly apply to personal licenses though.

      • Averi Jenkins says:

        Got that..

        “I think the upgrade it’s going to be $109 in USD pricing for personal licenses, with further Ultimate subscription renewals worth $129.”

        But supposedly my subscription is valid till June 2015 and I upgrade in December 2014, will my subscription extend till Dec 2015 or will it still be valid till June 2015?

  13. Martin says:

    Where’s YouTrack?

    Maybe you could add a YouTrack license to the Resharper Ultimate bundle. This would mean, we have 10 free YouTrack licenses (e.g. for non-developers) plus an additional one per R# Ultimate license (for each developer).

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      YouTrack is a different story. Chances are there’s going to be a totally different bundle including YouTrack in coming years.

  14. Jaans says:

    Thanks for looking at bundling and pricing options.

    I suspect there are many individual developers (not corporations) like me to use R# for C# and rather a minority who use it for both C# and C++.

    That said, what I’m driving at is that for me – and a few devs in our local community agree – it makes more sense to use R# and often only one of the dot series products (Trace/Memory/Cover).

    I do think there is value in having an “Ultimate” bundle for R# and all the others (Trace + Memory + Cover). I also think that $249 is a difficult price point for an individual developer who only want to use 2 of the 5 products.

    I would argue that there is also substantial value in a “Professional” bundle that is R# plus only one of the others, for example R# + dotMemory, especially if this can be priced in between R# “plain” and R# Ultimate. I would much more easily pay $189 or even $199 for just 2 products than $249 for 5 when I don’t need that many.

    Obviously the subscription based renewal needs to follow the same mid-range to continue the attraction to value.

    My 2 cents, but maybe others agree. Please consider it strongly.

    Thanks for a great set of products and service backing!

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thanks for your input, Jaans.

      I see your point but let’s consider the following.

      First, we’ve offered a 40% discount off dotCover when purchased with ReSharper. We’ve offered it for about a year I think, discontinued only recently. This turned out not to be popular among individual developers.

      Now, let’s compare USD pricing to ReSharper + any other .NET tool with ReSharper Ultimate pricing for individuals:

      * ReSharper + ReSharper C++ = $248 (Ultimate: $249)
      * ReSharper + dotCover = $248 (Ultimate: $249)
      * ReSharper + dotTrace = $308 (Ultimate: $249)
      * ReSharper + dotMemory = $278 (Ultimate: $249)

      As you can see, ReSharper/ReSharper C++ and ReSharper/dotCover bundles are priced the same as Ultimate (barring the $1 difference), and buying any profiler alongside ReSharper would still be less attractive than buying Ultimate.

      One other thing to have in mind is that we have at least one more commercial product that is due for early access soon, and as soon as we start selling it, it’s going to be a part of Ultimate as well.

  15. Greg Sohl says:

    RE: “However separating C++ support from everything else does make sense as C++ and .NET applications are usually developed separately.”

    This is not necessarily so. While I primarily work in C#, I also do a good bunch of Managed and Un-managed C++ in VS. However I have little interest in dotCover, dotTrace, and dotMemory.

    I’ve been watching and looking forward to the addition of C++ to ReSharper. I’m anxious to stop using Visual Assist for that purpose, in addition to getting our C++-only developers off it and into our very favorite common tool ReSharper!

    While dotMemory has come a long way, Red Gate’s memory tool far exceeds its usefulness to me. I’d hate to have to pay for it and the others just to get C++ support.



  16. Alexey says:

    What will be the [non-personal] upgrade price from c# edition (7.x and 8.x if price is different) to the new ReSharper 9 ?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Alexey, for countries with USD pricing, this kind of commercial upgrade should cost between $149 and $259 (depending on the type of your current license: subscription-based or per-major-version.)

  17. I am currently still on R# 6.1 C# Edition and was just about to order an upgrade to version 8 when I read that version 9 is almost being released.

    What should I do?
    And by that I do of course mean, if I buy a Personal upgrade to 8 C# edition now, would I need to pay for the upcoming upgrade as well? Because if so, I will wait.

    Kind regards,

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Martijn, you’re safe upgrading your personal license to v8 C# Edition; you’ll be getting a free upgrade to ReSharper 9 in this case.

  18. Alex says:

    We still using 7.x for C# in our company. So an upgrade to 9.x will cost 143€ / developer. This will include updates until a version 10 will be out – correct?

    But what does this mean: Upgrade to ReSharper Ultimate from €335
    Does this mean Ultimate 9.x or will this bundle have another life cycle?

    Will 9.x or Ultimate support the next VS version?


  19. Mark says:

    I have the following license: ReSharper Full Edition Personal License Reference No*:xxxxx Date of Issue: 9 October 2012 License Term: Perpetual Number of Authorized Users: 1 When I installed that edition on my .Net 3.5 solution (with Enterprise template), it altered what I had and I could no longer compile successfully or fix the errors. I’d like to try again on a new version, but wonder if my license is still valid and if so, for what version of ReSharper?

    • Mark says:

      Edition was ReSharper Full Edition; Licensed Version: 7.0. I am currently developing using V.S.2013 and .Net 4.0

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Mark, looks like your license will work with ReSharper 7.x, up to 7.1.3, with Visual Studio 2012 or earlier. You can find download links for past versions including 7.1.3 by going to this page.

      If you’re using VS2013 however, you’ll need a later version of ReSharper: 8.x or 9.x. I recommend that you download a 30-day trial of the current ReSharper version (9.2 at the time of this comment) and evaluate it to see if it’s worth an upgrade from your existing license.

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