ReSharper 9 hits Beta along with other JetBrains .NET tools

Enough of early access to the family of .NET tools, it’s time for serious business!

Please welcome Beta releases of ReSharper 9.0, ReSharper C++, dotCover 3.0, dotTrace 6.0, dotMemory 4.2 and dotPeek 1.3.

As all of them are now available from a single installer, you can download ReSharper 9 Beta and choose to install only ReSharper or more of our .NET tools.

Read on for a recap of new functionality, the recommended way to submit feedback, and the list of major known issues.

Common installer for Beta builds of ReSharper 9 and other .NET tools

A recap of what’s new in these releases

  • ReSharper 9.0 Beta integrates into Visual Studio 2015 Preview, provides initial support for C#6.0, embeds a new Go To Action option into the Alt+Enter shortcut, introduces support for regular expressions, adds type dependency diagrams, brings more bulk quick-fixes and import actions. Client-side languages get a special treatment with 50+ new JavaScript and TypeScript quick-fixes, as well as 270 new code inspections.
  • ReSharper C++ Beta is, well, the first Beta release of a new product. The current state of C++ support in ReSharper is described here.
  • dotCover 3.0 Beta receives remote code coverage, a restyled coverage configuration dialog, a new coverage controller, as well as support for ReSharper 9 and Visual Studio 2015 Preview.
  • dotTrace 6.0 Beta introduces a completely new Timeline profiling mode for collecting temporal call stack and thread state data, refines the starting point of the profiling process with dotTrace Home view, adds more flexibility to subsystems, and supports Visual Studio 2015 Preview.
  • dotMemory 4.2 Beta learns to live on a shared platform with the other .NET tools, and therefore receives Visual Studio 2015 Preview support as well.
  • dotPeek 1.3 Beta borrows a set of actions introduced in ReSharper 9, and integrates its symbol server with ReSharper’s navigation to external sources, which basically allows setting break points in third-party code that you navigate to using ReSharper.

Note that all JetBrains .NET tools now operate on a shared platform, which conserves resources when several products are running at the same time in Visual Studio.

We need your feedback as soon as possible

If you have ignored prior Early Access builds expecting to preview ReSharper and friends on a later stage, this is probably the time for you to give the updates a try. As we are on a very tight release schedule this time, we ask you to check the known issues outlined below, and if your system environment is fine, download and install the Beta releases. When you have them installed, if anything is not working, please let us know about any critical issues as soon as possible.

If anything is going wrong, the easiest way to let us know is select ReSharper | Help | Report a Bug or Submit Feedback. In the Feedback Center window that opens, you’ll be able to briefly describe the problem you’re having, and send additional info our way: from environment information to a screenshot of your Visual Studio window to a settings file or a snapshot of your solution’s structure.

Reporting feedback on ReSharper and other JetBrains .NET tools  from Visual Studio

Beware of known issues

Some things are certain to go wrong. We know them, and you should know them, too. Here are major known issues of this Beta release:

  • Running any product under Windows with a non-English locale leads to a Visual Studio crash.
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 is not supported. In fact, as announced recently, support for these versions of Visual Studio is discontinued permanently. We just thought it wouldn’t hurt to reiterate this.
  • The installer only runs on 64-bit operating systems.
  • The Beta releases don’t currently support Windows XP.
  • Standalone applications (dotTrace, dotMemory and dotPeek) don’t launch under Windows Vista.

Are you ready?

Are you not affected by the known issues outlined above? Congratulations! Download the Beta installer and give it a ride!

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28 Responses to ReSharper 9 hits Beta along with other JetBrains .NET tools

  1. Greg Baguley says:

    Is this meant to work on VS2013 Community edition?

    It installed fine but throws an error on startup “Could not start the Environment” and the exception browser throws a 400 when it tries to submit the exception.

  2. Ondrej Janacek says:

    I installed it (updated from early access, in fact) and it fails even load in VS 2015 Preview. And when I’m trying to submit errors (Could not start the Environment, …) it responds with “There were erros: Unexpected failure: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL:”.

    • Andrew Serebryansky says:

      Hello Ondrej,

      Please make sure you have selected the account which should be used to submit errors (as a YouTrack user or anonymously) by clicking ‘Choose account’ link.

    • fergard says:

      > when I’m trying to submit errors (Could not start the Environment, …) it responds with “There were erros: Unexpected failure: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL:”.

      Could you please select any type of Auth (like, YouTrack credentials or ‘Anonymous Submission’) in the Exception Submitter dialog there and provide a link to the submitted exception?

      As for the ‘Could Not Start The Environment’ exception, could you please confirm that your Windows Locale is NOT set to US? If it is so, please try to set it to ‘US’ and check if it helps. Thanks!

  3. Daniel Wolf says:

    Are you serious?
    First you tell us how great this new beta is and how everybody should give it a try.
    And then you casually mention that the entire suite will crash and burn on any non-English computer. In what world do you guys live?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Daniel, major known issues are explicitly listed and referenced from several spots in the text, including the introductory part. Sorry if they affect you, they will be fixed soon. What we’re looking for right now are unknown issues.

      As to the world we’re living in, here’s a guess.

  4. Hi

    So it seems that the Beta of dotTrace 3 has not the feature to run automatically the tests, right? Any information to share about when this should be available?


    • Olga Kosyreva says:


      Probably, you are talking about .NET coverage tool dotCover 3. Unfortunately, you are right. Continuous testing we will see in next 3.x version, planned for the beginning of 2015. dotCover 3.x EAP builds including automatically tests running can be available even earlier. Thank you for your patience.

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  6. M says:

    What about dropping support for Windows XP/Vista as well?

  7. Petr K. says:

    If I cannot run it on a non-English locale machine, wouldn’t exactly call it Beta. Heck, that could be considered a joke even for an alpha-grade release.

  8. Niels M says:

    I have downloaded the resharper 9 beta today (nov 30).
    It does not show in VS 2012, vs 2013 (the resharper menu has gone, etc.)

    • Alex Berezoutsky says:

      Hello! You sure that you selected the VS integration for those? Was the installation succesful? Do you have any exceptions on VS startup? Is there a ‘ReSharper Platform’ page under “Tools | Options”?

  9. Scellow says:

    When will you offer a C# plugin for intelliJ ? or a new IDE for c# only ?

  10. Rudolf Kurka says:

    Hi, when can we purchase the new ultimate licence?

  11. Giedrius says:

    Is it possible to use DotPeek as symbol server for other applications, not only VisualStudio (like windbg, process monitor, process explorer, etc.)?

  12. Callon says:

    I love the new installer. What is it built from?

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