Improved TypeScript Support in ReSharper 9

In ReSharper 9.0 we tried to help you work with TypeScript as comfortably as you do with other supported languages. Here is a list of features we’ve implemented that were missing before.

Highlightings and Quick-Fixes

Version 9.0 aims to support most TypeScript compiler errors. About 270 different types of error are now highlighted, and quick-fixes are available for many of them. Resolve errors, type compatibility errors, overload resolution errors and accessibility errors are all supported now, too. As you would expect, some common quick-fixes such as Create from usage and Change all now are also available in TypeScript files:

Error Highlighting for TypeScript in ReSharper 9

Of course, the import popup is now here, too:

Import popup for TypeScript in ReSharper 9

New Inspections and Context Actions

Take advantage of new code inspections for TypeScript that cover code redundancies, common mistakes, and suggest better language use:

Error Highlighting for TypeScript in ReSharper 9

Several new context actions are available as well:

New context actions for TypeScript in ReSharper 9


ReSharper 9.0 adds support for the following refactorings, previously unavailable for TypeScript.

Introduce Field

As with the other supported languages, the ‘Introduce field’ refactoring allows you to introduce a field from an element under the caret, or from a selection:
Introduce field refactoring for TypeScript

Copy Type

Copy type creates a copy of selected type and places it into a module you specify:
Copy Type refactoring for TypeScript

Move Refactorings

Four Move refactorings have been implemented: move type to module, move type to file, move into matching files, and move to folder:

Move to Module refactoring for TypeScript

Rename File

This is a brand new TypeScript-specific refactoring. When you rename a file, it helps you update file-based module dependencies, reference comments, and generated JS file references.

Suppose you are renaming your app.ts file to hello.ts:

Rename a file refactoring for TypeScript

All the corresponding references will be updated accordingly:
Rename file refactoring for TypeScript results

Import on Cut-and-Paste

Remember this tiny useful pop-up that appears when you paste code from elsewhere? Now it’s also available for TypeScript:
Import on Cut-and-Paste refactoring for TypeScript

Code Generation

ReSharper 9.0 introduces Generate functionality for TypeScript. Now you can implement interfaces by easily generating missing members, as well as generate overriding members and constructors:

Generate missing members functionality for TypeScript

Other Improvements

Every new version of ReSharper includes improvements to existing functionality, and TypeScript support in ReSharper 9.0 is no exception.

Live Templates functionality has been improved to include new scopes ‘module member’ and ‘type member.’ It also comes with live templates for common TypeScript entities such as classes, enums, interfaces and modules:

Live templates for TypeScript

Parameter info now supports not only function arguments, but generic arguments as well:


Specialized signatures are now supported:
Specialized signatures for TypeScript support

Finally, ReSharper now fully supports contextual typing and TypeScript 1.3 language features such as tuples and the protected keyword:

TypeScript 1.3 support in ReSharper 9

We’ve also added a dedicated Options screen where you may specify your current TypeScript language version to make ReSharper features adapt to that specific version:

Options for TypeScript in ReSharper 9

And last but not least, the set of TypeScript features also inherits new JavaScript features added in v9.0. Stay tuned for more details in upcoming blog posts!

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6 Responses to Improved TypeScript Support in ReSharper 9

  1. Avatar

    david hanson says:

    December 16, 2014

    These features are great. Loving all the work you guys are doing.

    But has the TypeScript unit test story improved because that was broken in previous versions.

    • Avatar

      Victor Kropp says:

      December 16, 2014

      Hi David,
      we’ve resolved lots of known issues with TypeScript unit testing in ReSharper 9. What was wrong with your solution? Please try the new version and let us know if it works for you!

  2. Avatar

    Gayan says:

    December 17, 2014

    Hi i was just wondered where’s angularjs support goes?

  3. Avatar

    Rich Bryant says:

    April 13, 2015

    Any chance of supporting tsUnit as test framework for TypeScript?

    If not, is there a link to developing a test-framework plugin so I can do it myself?

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