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Webinar Recording and Q&A: What’s New in ReSharper 9

The recording of our recent webinar with Matt Ellis, What’s New in ReSharper 9, is now available on JetBrains YouTube Channel.

We apologize for the technical issues we had with Go To Webinar platform that prevented us from making the second session. If you registered for that session and was not able to attend it, please feel free to watch the recording and ask your questions in comments.

In this webinar, Matt Ellis covers some of the new and exciting features coming with ReSharper 9. These include but are not limited to regular expression support, Visual Studio 2015 Preview and C# 6.0 support, navigation improvements (Go to Action and Navigate to exposing APIs), bulk naming fixes and other improvements to the Fix in Scope mechanic, code style settings and a shared platform for all JetBrains .NET tools.

0:00 – Introduction
2:40 – Navigation
7:10 – Go To Action, Search in Options
10:50 – Code Formatting
13:05 – Code Style
16:01 – Inspections
23:10 – File Layout Editor
27:56 – Type Dependency Diagram
32:44 – Xamarin Forms
33:10 – Shared Project improvements
35:17 – Visual Studio 2015
37:16 – C# 6
41:58 – TypeScript
42:56 – Regular Expressions
46:05 – Code Completion Filters

The slides to accompany this session are available on SlideShare.

We received plenty of questions during the webinar and we’d like to use this opportunity to highlight some of them here, as well as address the questions that we didn’t have a chance to answer during the webinar. Please find the questions below with answers.

Q: Does my ReSharper 8 license allows using ReSharper 9?
A: This really depends on a specific license. If you have a personal license to ReSharper 8 and your upgrade subscription didn’t expire before December 5, it means you can upgrade to ReSharper 9 for free. Commercial licenses to ReSharper 8 may or may not be eligible for free upgrade to ReSharper 9: if in doubt, check your license certificates or contact JetBrains sales.

Q: Will ReSharper 9 keep supporting Visual Studio 2005?
A: No, ReSharper 9 doesn’t support Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, and this is also true for the recently released updates to other JetBrains .NET tools. If you would like to use ReSharper in Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, please use ReSharper 8 that can be downloaded from here. For more information on the state of Visual Studio support in latest JetBrains .NET tools, please see our recent blog post, ReSharper and Visual Studio: Where do We Stand. As to ReSharper 9, it does support Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015, which includes Visual Studio Community 2013.

Q: Does the upgrade to ReSharper 9 Ultimate stack on top of my current subscription end date? Will it add 12 months on top of my current subscription, or will it reset my subscription to the date of upgrade? Should I just wait until near the end of my current subscription before upgrading?
A: ReSharper Ultimate will reset your upgrade subscription to the date of upgrade. For example, if your current upgrade subscription to ReSharper expires in May 2015, then upgrading to ReSharper Ultimate in December 2014 will result in setting a new upgrade subscription span that will expire in December 2015. That said, if your current upgrade subscription is expiring soon, now is a good time to upgrade to ReSharper Ultimate. However if your current subscription is not yet close to expiring, then unless you need the additional tools included in ReSharper Ultimate as soon as possible, it could be worth waiting before upgrading. With any additional questions, you reach out to the sales team and discuss your upgrade/renewal strategy.

Q: Is ReSharper 9 the same as ReSharper 8 Full Edition? What does ReSharper 9 Ultimate add on top of the regular ReSharper 9?
A: Yes, what we currently call ReSharper is basically what ReSharper Full Edition used to be. ReSharper Ultimate is a single license for ReSharper, ReSharper C++ (not released yet), dotTrace, dotCover, and dotMemory. ReSharper Ultimate also includes a year of free upgrades that is synchronized across all tools that it includes. For more information, please see a recent blog post, Meet ReSharper, ReSharper C++ and ReSharper Ultimate, or visit the ReSharper Ultimate web site that summarizes and visualizes the benefits of the Ultimate offering.

Q: How do you invoke the “Configure Format” action in JavaScript?
A: You can do this by selecting a piece of code and pressing Alt+Enter to invoke the Format Selection menu.

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