Bug Fix Update to JetBrains .NET Tools is Available

Having released ReSharper 9.0 RTM just recently, we’re following up with a minor bug fix update today. Please download and install ReSharper 9.0.1 for 100+ hot and important fixes in the following areas:

  • Unit test runner: 9.0.1 fixes freezes, crashes, performance problems, inability to find any unit tests in certain scenarios, and more.
  • Code analysis: fixes in this area cover JetBrains ReSharper annotations NuGet package, false positive ambiguous invocation, etc.
  • Installation: memory consumption is reduced, and the installer now notifies you about products to be uninstalled in case of incompatibility.
  • Feedback center: a set of fixes for the built-in self-profiling tool.

For the entire list of fixes, please see ReSharper 9.0.1 release notes.

Along with ReSharper 9.0.1 we are rolling out a new EAP build of ReSharper C++. Apart from bug fixes and performance optimizations it introduces a new context action to remove unused #include directives in the scope of a file. We’ve also added a set of new quick-fixes to convert a type alias to typedef or remove unused parameter name. In addition, Remove redundant qualifier learns to operate in the scope of a file, a project or the whole solution.

Other JetBrains .NET tools get minor updates as well. Specifically, dotTrace receives important fixes in terms of profiling unit tests for Windows Store apps. dotCover 3.0.1 refines remote coverage and handles removing temporary snapshots better. Please check dotCover 3.0.1 release notes for the full list of fixes.

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