Bug Fix Update to JetBrains .NET Tools is Available

Having released ReSharper 9.0 RTM just recently, we’re following up with a minor bug fix update today. Please download and install ReSharper 9.0.1 for 100+ hot and important fixes in the following areas:

  • Unit test runner: 9.0.1 fixes freezes, crashes, performance problems, inability to find any unit tests in certain scenarios, and more.
  • Code analysis: fixes in this area cover JetBrains ReSharper annotations NuGet package, false positive ambiguous invocation, etc.
  • Installation: memory consumption is reduced, and the installer now notifies you about products to be uninstalled in case of incompatibility.
  • Feedback center: a set of fixes for the built-in self-profiling tool.

For the entire list of fixes, please see ReSharper 9.0.1 release notes.

Along with ReSharper 9.0.1 we are rolling out a new EAP build of ReSharper C++. Apart from bug fixes and performance optimizations it introduces a new context action to remove unused #include directives in the scope of a file. We’ve also added a set of new quick-fixes to convert a type alias to typedef or remove unused parameter name. In addition, Remove redundant qualifier learns to operate in the scope of a file, a project or the whole solution.

Other JetBrains .NET tools get minor updates as well. Specifically, dotTrace receives important fixes in terms of profiling unit tests for Windows Store apps. dotCover 3.0.1 refines remote coverage and handles removing temporary snapshots better. Please check dotCover 3.0.1 release notes for the full list of fixes.

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12 Responses to Bug Fix Update to JetBrains .NET Tools is Available

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  2. Mark says:

    When I open the code behind for a XAML file, my code editor freezes because of RS 9. The first time I make an edit, I get frozen for as long as 10 seconds and sometimes get “RS is thinking” popups. I’m developing a WP 8.1 project in VS 2013 Update 4 on Win 8.1 x64.

    • Daria Dovzhikova says:


      Is this problem still there with the Update 1? This would be really helpful if you could send us a performance snapshot for these freezes via Help | Report a Bug or Submit feedback (Attachment + Performance snapshot).

  3. Daniel D says:

    dotPeek is still broken :( Does not jumps to the type after selecting it in Ctrl+T menu. Also Ctrl+left click on a type in source code does not jumps to the implementation.

    • Daria Dovzhikova says:


      Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I was not able to reproduce these issues. Can you please check that the Visual Studio shortcut scheme is applied in Tools | Options?

      We would also appreciate if you could report about the problems you have experienced to the dotPeek issue tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/dotp

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  5. Joe White says:

    How do I install ReSharper 9 to something other than my C drive? I don’t see any relevant options in the installer.

    • Daria Dovzhikova says:

      Hello Joe,

      Sorry for the inconvenience, but the current version of the installer doesn’t support custom installation options (the only exception is the option to install ReSharper into an experimental hive). But we’ll be looking to add this into the upcoming updates.

  6. Maxim says:

    With resharper 9, I now get warnings for ‘Impure method is called for readonly field of value type’. This was not the case in the previous version. The method i’m calling is decorated with system.diagnostics.contracts.pureattribute. And the method is definitely pure as it is ‘getter’ method that immediately returns an instance field of type Guid.

  7. Petro Sasnyk says:

    Is new code analysis engine embedded into TeamCity 9.0.1?
    I’m going to switch into SonarQube(fxcop) analysis due to numerous false errors like Cannot resolve symbol ‘Blabla’ which are not reproduced locally.

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