Watch ReSharper C++ Session from JetBrains Night in London

The video recording from our JetBrains Night in London that took place on December 2nd, 2014, is now available.

In this video Dmitri Nesteruk shows off ReSharper C++ which is currently available through the Early Access Program. Watch this video to learn more on how ReSharper C++ can help you by providing live and surround templates and by letting you quickly create a constructor or add missing members with code generation functionality. ReSharper C++ is also ready to find and fix code issues on-the-fly and easily perform refactorings.

0:00 – Introduction
8:21 – JetBrains tools for C++ development
9:17 – File templates in ReSharper C++
10:50 – Code generation
14:48 – Macro calls substitution
22:43 – Rename refactoring

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3 Responses to Watch ReSharper C++ Session from JetBrains Night in London

  1. Stephen says:

    Looks very impressive! I’m happy to hear that you’re hoping to target various language extensions, such as Managed C++ (C++/CLI) – this is something we have a lot of. Is that on target for the final release, or will that be something down the line?

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  3. TheJim says:

    Template metaprogramming…is a way of abusing the preprocessor…

    This is downright incorrect. “Abuse” is fine, but it has nothing to do with the preprocessor, which performs textual substitutions on tokens. Templates are fully subject to the grammar of the language – that’s why people prefer it to the (limited and none-too-safe) preprocessor.

    The correct statement is:

    Template metaprogramming is…a way of abusing the type system…

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