JSDoc Support in ReSharper 9.1

Many JavaScript and TypeScript developers have requested JSDoc support in ReSharper, and we have answered their call with this release. Several subsystems in ReSharper 9.1 now work with JSDoc. Let’s take a look on how ReSharper helps workings with JSDoc.

1. Code highlighting

First, we’re now coloring JSDoc comments to make them easier for you to read. To enable color highlighting, go to ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Settings and select Color Identifiers check box.

JSDoc code highlighting in ReSharper 9.1

2. Quick documentation

Now you can quickly look at the documentation for any symbol by calling Quick Documentation (Ctrl+Q), similar to how it works in C# and VB.NET.

Quick documentation for JSDoc in ReSharper 9.1

3. Parameter Info and Tooltips

Parameter Info also shows documentation for every signature and parameter:Parameter info for JSDoc

And tooltips are shown too:

Tooltips in code completion for JSDoc in ReSharper 9.1

4. Writing and refactoring

To simplify JSDoc writing for you, we’ve added a new typing assist for generating relevant comments. It recognises “/**” and smartly handles new lines inside your comments. Keyword completion works as well, and what is more, you can start typing a keyword without the leading ‘@’:

Generating JSDoc comments with ReSharper 9.1

When you rename a parameter, ReSharper automatically updates the corresponding JSDoc:

Auto renaming JSDoc comments in ReSharper 9.1

All these features work in TypeScript as well.


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4 Responses to JSDoc Support in ReSharper 9.1

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  3. DDaum says:

    This works really great, thank you!

    Can you please add support for the @borrows tag for the tooltips? The tag copies the description from a different type, which is especially useful when combining functions in namespaces. See original examples from JSDoc!


  4. Salar says:

    For me it still can’t find the declaration by pressing F12, but it shows the ‘Add Reference …’ in the Alt+Enter quick actions for the same function/object/etc!!
    Please fix ‘Go to Definition’ issue.

    (sorry the other comment on the blog was misplaced)

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