ReSharper 10 critical issues and fix schedule

Following the release of ReSharper 10.0 last week, we have received a great deal of feedback, and unfortunately a lot of it was negative.

Upon analyzing the feedback, it looks like unit testing is the most affected area. Hot issues include the Output pane in Unit Test Sessions that might not show any results upon running your tests (RSRP-450266), as well as Visual Studio hanging when you debug MSTest-based tests (RSRP-449577). Both issues are going to be fixed in the next bugfix update, 10.0.1, that we expect to release soon, hopefully this week.

Speaking of other problem areas, ReSharper 10.0 is known to show red code in some perfectly compilable Universal Windows Platform (UWP) projects (RSRP-450057, a private build and workarounds are available in comments to the issue). This is already fixed internally, and a fix is also going to make it into 10.0.1.

We’ve seen license activation issues related to connecting your ReSharper installations to your JetBrains Accounts but these were hopefully fixed with a redeployment of the JetBrains Account application early last week. If you’re still experiencing license related issues with ReSharper 10, make sure to read this article for ways to resolve or work around them.

We’re also fixing miscellaneous performance problems as soon as we can reproduce them. Particularly, heavy performance issues that could affect all kinds of web sites and web applications were fixed and a fix will be available in 10.0.1.

Apart from the bugfix update (10.0.1) that we’re hoping to roll out as soon as possible, we have another update (10.0.2) scheduled for mid-December that will target any considerable regressions left following 10.0.1.

Apologies for the struggle caused by 10.0 to many of you. If necessary, you can revert to ReSharper 9.2 or another recent release until we’ve released the upcoming update.

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