ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.1

Are you having issues with ReSharper 10, particularly in terms of unit testing, performance in web applications and/or red code in UWP applications?

If you are, please download ReSharper 10.0.1, a bugfix update which addresses all the major issues that we acknowledged last week.

As usual, the ReSharper Ultimate installer contains compatible updates to ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotCover, and dotPeek.

Please comment to let us know whether the update improves ReSharper experience compared to the initial v10 release, and if there are any outstanding hot issues so that we can address them in further releases.

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129 Responses to ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.1

  1. Charles Bretana says:

    Just installed 10.0.1 and DO NOT BOTHER, I had to go back to 9.2 again. I am getting exact same behavior in Unity Testing. .The test goes green “Pending” for about a half-second, then turns orange with message “Inconclusive, Test Not Run”.

  2. JD says:

    Sorry to say but Resharper 10 is worst release yet..(in term of bugs)

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Any chance you can elaborate on that? As you can imagine, not knowing what’s wrong for you leave us no chance to make it work better. Thanks

      • Daniel says:

        Just to mention the most annoying ones:
        – VS 2015 is freezing randomly (waiting for a bg operation forever to complete)
        – IntelliSense quite often does not find existing objects, popup window is flickering
        – Executing one test-case often starts executing all test-cases for the given test

      • Mike O'Brien says:

        “Any chance you can elaborate on that? As you can imagine, not knowing what’s wrong for you leave us no chance to make it work better. Thanks”

        Here is the problem with that statement. While it is true that reporting bugs does help you to resolve them, no doubt there, your customers are not your QA staff. I agree that R# is as buggy as ever, especially the test runner. Every major release is unstable and just when things start to get stable, new major release and the instability starts all over again. With the subscription model we were told that it would allow you to deliver a better product. But what I’ve experienced is the product is still released in an unstable state, your customers QA it and you pocket the extra $$ you made with your new pricing model. So this isn’t about specific bugs, it’s about a trend.

  3. Marcelo says:

    Same issue here… Trying to run tests from the UI simply hangs VS badly… Had to kill it to be able to go back to work…

  4. Rory says:

    Using xUnit tests, xUnit test runner and VS 2015 the unit testing works for me. The experience is so far the same as R# 9.2.

  5. Charles Bretana says:

    I am using nUnit 2.6.4, and it does not work at all. All tests hang in test harness, and give error “Inconclusive, Test Not Run”.

  6. Brett says:

    Thanks – my intellisense is back to normal speeds now!

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  8. Ian says:

    10.0.1 cashes VS 2015 to crash a lot. I had to return to 10.0.0

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Interesting. In what circumstances does VS2015 crash in your case? Do I understand correctly that while 10.0.1 does seem to cause crashes, 10.0 does not?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Also, there’a comment by JetBrains QA inviting you to get contact with them to learn more details. I’d appreciate if you do contact them so that we have a chance to figure out what’s going on. Thanks

  9. Kirill Falk says:

    @Ian Could you please mail me directly I need more details to replicate it on our side. Sorry for any inconveniences.

  10. egoroff says:

    Code cleanup in VS 2013 still not working :(

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Perfectly working here. How do you run Code Cleanup and what kind of projects are you trying to apply it to?

      • Toby Couchman says:

        Same for me, since upgrading from 9.x. Any c# file in any solution (existing or new) I get
        when attempting cleanup it tells me that Resharper_CleanupCode is not currently available.

        • Jura Gorohovsky says:

          Toby, do you have the ReSharper.StyleCop plugin installed? If you are, then this is what is known to block Code Cleanup. Please uninstall the StyleCop plugin to work around the problem. Let’s hope the plugin author is quick enough to update the plugin to address this problem.

      • egoroff says:

        I try to run it using shortcut (Ctrl+F) and nothing happens. Then i try to find Cleanup code menu item and see nothing too :(

        In addition settings window when i try to change something in VS 2013 and apply it don’t work too.

        Maybe i need to reinstall R#

  11. Xavi Navarro says:

    10.0.1 is a little bit better than 10.0.0… but my razor Views continue to mark as red code tags such as “Html”, “Url”, “ViewBag”, “ViewData”…

    I’m very dissapointed with v10+

  12. Xavi Navarro says:

    10.0.1 is a little bit better than 10.0.0… but my razor Views continue to mark as red code tags such as “Html”, “Url”, “ViewBag”, “ViewData”… It’s automatically corrected by resharper 20 seconds later, but it’s very annoying and unproductive

    I’m very dissapointed with v10+

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  14. Leo says:


    A few days ago I installed Resharper C++ 10.0.0 and now updated to 10.0.1 but my very same problem persists: Whenever I try to apply a suggestion which Reshaper presents (say turning a function into const function) everything freezes for 30-35 seconds. After that the changes are made but often it takes a little while longer after that before I can use the VS editor again.

    What I have tried:
    – Disabled VS PowerTools and other extensions
    – Google for help
    – Tried to make a performance trace via Resharper->Help->Submit bug… but the download of the performance profiler fails.
    – Made sure there is no Entire Solution Analysis enabled

    PC Setup:
    4-core (8 thread Xeon)
    12GB RAM
    VS2010 SP1
    Windows 7 x64

  15. Draupnir Gudmundsson says:

    At first look 10.0.1 fixes the bugs that annoyed me most.
    For now this seems to be an improvement from 10.0.0 :)

  16. NUnit 2.6.4 works for me just fine now in 10.0.1 (mostly for integration and visual tests, using NCrunch for all the rest), NUnit 3 support would be nice, but I guess I have to wait for 10.0.2.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thanks, Benjamin, good to know that NUnit 2.x works well for you.
      As to NUnit 3.0 final, yes, we’re planning to enable its support in 10.0.2. AFAIK RSRP-449816 currently represents the major problem with 3.0.

  17. Thomas Biel says:

    What has happened to automatic reference import? When clicking on a suggested project, R# does something – but the reference does NOT show up!?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thomas, can you please provide more details on this behavior (as well as Visual Studio version and project types used in solution), here or via ReSharper support? Thanks

      • Thomas Biel says:

        Sure: VS 2015 (german) with PowerCommands on Win 10 x64 (also german), all projects in solution C# .net 4.5, all class libraries except startup project which is a Winforms application.
        Also, all projects compile to one output directory which is a subfolder of the solution. I tried adding references in startup project.

  18. Ronnie Mukherjee says:

    10.0.1 is reporting my solution has 14 thousand errors when it doesn’t have any.

  19. Erik A. Brandstadmoen says:

    Test output window is still not working. Using xUnit.

    • Matt Ellis says:

      Hi Erik. Could you post a little more detail, please? What are you doing and what’s failing? The tests I’m running locally are updating the output pane as expected.

      • Antonello Provenzano says:

        I use the “Stack Trace Explorer” window to show the errors on NUnit tests: the normal windows doesn’t get anything after the first output (successful or failed)

        • Matt Ellis says:

          Could you provide more details, please? The output pane is updating properly for me. What are the exact steps that cause it to fail? Do you have any other VS/ReSharper extensions installed? Do you see a completely blank output pane, or do you see the old result – do you see the red “failed” or green “passed” banner?

          • Antonello Provenzano says:


            The output pane is updated only the first time a test is called: if I call it again, it retains the old result.
            In case of an exception, I can analyze it through the Stack Trace Explorer for the updated version, but if the previous result was a success and it didn’t print anything, the pane remains blank.
            The banners are updated correctly tho.

            • Matt Ellis says:

              Do you have a solution we could use to reproduce this? Also, have you tried a) closing the unit test session (each tab, not just the window) and b) clearing the caches for the solution (the General pane in ReSharper -> Options)?

            • Matt Ellis says:

              I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the error – the output updates as expected. Are you sure you’re on 10.0.1? If so, please can you log an issue so that we can explore further?

  20. Ech says:

    Maybe in next century a resharper team will use TDD (also for plugin tests) ?
    I really appreciate great and colorful installer but value of software comes from stability ..
    I have right or what ?

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Sorry, Ech, but I fail to understand what you’re trying to say, specifically how using TDD directly relates to stability and what you’re referring to when you say “plugin tests”.

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  23. Jan-Pieter says:

    The Build & Run is still not working for me after this update.

    I have an Azure Host project which has it’s ServiceConfigurat.cscfg files. The Resharper build&run doesn’t work for this since we don’t have a default ServiceConfiguration.cscfg. For Visual Studio build this doesn’t matter and I would therefore presume it shouldn’t for Resharper either, it is a very conscious choice not to have these.

    To replicate this, simply have an Azure Host project for a cloud service (with it’s roles and profiles), delete the default service configuration (by adding a new one and removing the generic one). This should run in VS but not in Resharper Build&Run

    The sad thing is this is how most projects I work on are set up, so it basically renders this otherwise super useful feature useless.

    Another little idea for this: make the output in the build & run popup copy-able so when browsing for errors like this one, you don’t have to manually type it 😉

    Exact error:
    Error WAT200: No default service configuration “ServiceConfiguration.cscfg” could be found in the project. (0, 0)

  24. Ramesh Chippada says:

    Issues seen so far with
    1. Numbers of tests passed/failed/ignored at the top not does not match numbers in the tree.
    2.Generally very slow to run the tests.
    3.While trying to expand and see all the xunit InlineData theory tests, it won’t show them all.
    4.Right pane does not tell any more where exactly the test failed.

    • Matt Ellis says:

      Hi Ramesh. Can you give me any more details, please? And if you have a repro, that would be very helpful. I can recreate no. 3, but not the others.

    • Matt Ellis says:

      Ramesh, can you tell if the numbers are different because it’s not counting theory tests? It looks like it’s deleting theories after a successful run, and that can cause the numbers to be wrong – the top numbers show the actual tests run (i.e. minus the theories) while the tree is still showing 1 test for each method that is also a theory (so instead of showing e.g. 3 tests because there were 3 rows of data, all of the theories have gone, and the tree is counting the theory node as 1 test). Does this make sense, and does it describe your scenario?

  25. Antonello Provenzano says:

    first of all, I wish to thank you for granting me the Open-Source license for my project DeveelDB, but…

    Since I updated to version 10 of R# everything screwed up: the amount of errors escalated without control and basically any function is not usable anymore.

    The most annoying thing, anyway, is about the dotTrace integration: when trying to run the profiler on NUnit tests (no matter which kind of TestFixture), after the dotTrace popup appears and lets me chose the strategy, the NUnit tests are always marked as “Inconclusive: Test Not Run”.
    I tried all the configurations, and even changing the build platform, setting explicitly the NUnit installation, etc. Nothing worked.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:


      First of all, is your feedback up to date in its entirety upon installing 10.0.1?

      As to the inconclusive problem with NUnit, is it possible that you have references to external configs as described in RSRP-450410?

      If you use NUnit and app config contains references to external configs – please follow .

      • Antonello Provenzano says:


        Thanks for the reply.

        I tested with both versions 10.0.0 10.0.1 without results. I also downgraded to version 9.2 but with the same result.

        The NUnit test projects have no app.config what’s so ever, so the referenced assemblies to be tested.
        The assemblies to be tested are all libraries (a SQL database engine and some of its components): they use external references, restored from NuGet, but as far as I understand it doesn’t fall into the case described by the issue above.


        • Jura Gorohovsky says:

          Thanks for clarifying, Antonello.

          Do I understand correctly that the problems that you outlined above can be reproduced with the DeveelDB solution?

          Also, can you clarify whether you’re using Visual Studio 2015 or a different version of Visual Studio?


          • Antonello Provenzano says:

            Sorry for not giving out the full environment information:

            – Visual Studio 2015 Professional
            – R# 10.0.1 Ultimate
            – dotTrace 10.0.1
            – NUnit 2.6.4 (installed in the local machine)
            – No extensions to R# (I removed them all)

            Fails for all platforms configured (x86, x64, Any CPU).

            Is there any local log file I can explore to find out the cause of the issue?

          • Antonello Provenzano says:

            dotTrace actually displays the attempted runs of the NUnit tests from VisualStudio: it says they can be run only from Visual Studio, so I cannot launch them.

            Also, using the R# NUnit Test Runner works (a bit slow, but works).

            As a side note, when I launch the profiling of any NUnit test, the popup window of the dotTrace options automatically selects the usage of the “Profiler API”, that I haven’t referenced in the NUnit project: I tried the “Advanced” configuration and deselecting the option, but with no results.

          • Antonello Provenzano says:


            Yes, you can use DeveelDB solution to test: it’s the one causing this issue actually :)

            • Jura Gorohovsky says:

              Thanks Antonello, we’ll be looking at your solution shortly to see whether the problems described can be reproduced.

            • Jura Gorohovsky says:

              Antonello, thanks a lot for providing elaborate info about the issue.

              We have raised a bug, RSRP-451078, based on your report. Hopefully we can fix it for the next bugfix update in December.

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  27. David P says:

    When I ran the downloaded installer, it would always fail to install (I don’t have the error unfortunately on hand). I had to select Check for Updates from Resharper > Help menu. That updated Resharper to 10.0.1.

  28. Mateusz Paluszkiewicz says:

    Still shit. Don’t use it.
    Can you release just simply FULL TESTED program??

  29. Bela Vander Voort says:

    I’m running VS2015, with resharper 10.0.1 and the “Find Code Dependent On Module” along with the two options next to it would not show up when right clicking on references. When I first loaded VS, they would appear only for the first right click I made on an assembly, meaning only the very first assembly I right clicked on would get the option, and only the first time right clicked on it. I tried clearing the Resharper Cache, rebooted, and it was still not working.
    Going back down to 9.2 the options appear every time.

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Interesting. There’s a known problem (RSRP-450647) whereby “Find Code Dependent on Module” doesn’t show for assemblies that are not strong-named. However, AFAIK this problem also affected the 9.x family.

      Can you confirm that for those assemblies where “Find Code Dependent on Module” is not available, the “Strong Name” property is set to “False”? If this is not the case, then please let us know whether any other properties are different among referenced assemblies that do and do not show “Find Code Dependent on Module”.


      • Piot3r says:

        In mine solution (all assemblies have strong names, value is True) this option is missing too. R# ver 10.0.1
        What more, all R# option available under context menu are missing in VS’15. Same R# ver for VS’13 works fine

      • I have the same problem with no R# context menu showing up for References (VS2015/R# Ultimate 10.0.2). However I have a mix of StrongNamed and NotStrongNamed. Context menu is present for Strong Name = True, but MISSING for Strong Name = False

  30. Chris says:

    Resharper doesn’t seem to be honouring namespace restrictions of [SetUpFixture]s in NUnit, in Resharper 10, unless you run tests individually.

    Example is the unit tests from (they launch ChromeDriver when they shouldn’t).

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Hi Chris,

      I have inquired the team to see whether this is a known and reproducible problem, and if there’s a workaround available.


    • Jura Gorohovsky says:


      We have managed to reproduce the problem in the following scenario: when you have a session that includes tests from namespaces that are decorated with the ChromeDriver-launching [SetUpFixture] as well as tests from namespaces that aren’t supposed to launch ChromeDriver, then when you remove the former, ReSharper still launches ChromeDriver. This is however most likely a bug with the way ReSharper removes tests from a session rather than with not honoring namespace restrictions of [SetUpFixture]s.

      If what I’m describing if similar to what happens on your machine, then a workaround would be to set up separate test sessions for running [SetUpFixture]-decorated tests and other tests.

      We’ll be looking to investigate and fix the problem with removing tests as soon as possible.

      Should the problem display without having to remove tests from any sessions, then please provide step-by-step guidelines to reproduce it.


  31. Demian says:

    After I have updated to V10.0.1, I have a few thousand errors “Cannot resolve symbol xxx” for types not in System namespace. Clear cache did not help.
    I could only fix it by rolling back to V10.0.0.

  32. Rusty says:

    After 10.0.1, I’m getting 700+ typescript errors for “Cannot find symbol” and “Cannot resolve symbol”.

    Clearing the cache only works temporarily, after which the errors reappear.

    • Alexander Kurakin says:

      @Rusty Do you find any specific actions which lead to “Cannot resolve symbol” errors reappearing? Or it just randomly happens.

    • Anton Lobov says:

      If you got TypeScript 1.7 update, please specify TypeScript version 1.6 in ReSharper settings. ReSharper fallbacks to 1.3 now if it cannot detect version, known issue, will be fixed in 10.0.2.

  33. Crispin Parker says:

    10.0.1 is an improvement over 10, many thanks for that. However, I’m still experiencing some odd issues with the test runner.

    * Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition)
    * NUnit 3.0.0

    Issue 1:
    Debug output is not appearing in the test runner output window. The VS output is displaying debug output as per normal.

    Issue 2
    When debugging a single test, all tests are debugged! To elaborate: If I place a break point in “TestA” and in “TestB”, when debugging “TestB” only the breakpoint in “TestA” is also hit!

    This is not affected by creating a single test session. I’ve tried debugging tests from the runner, test explorer and the in-line editor context option. Same behaviour each time.

    Many Thanks,

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Thanks for the detailed report, Crispin.

      We’ll be looking to reproduce this but I should note that ReSharper 10.0.1 doesn’t yet support NUnit 3.0 RTM (it only supports NUnit 3.0 Beta 5) because RTM had been released just a day before 10.0.1 release day. We’ll be fine-tuning NUnit 3.0 support to match RTM for 10.0.2 that is expected in December.

  34. Jon Sagara says:

    Intellisense is still incredibly laggy for me. Here’s my setup:

    * ReSharper Ultimate 10.0.1
    * VS 2015 Pro
    * Windows 8.1 Enterprise running in VMWare Fusion 8.0.2 on OS X 10.11.1
    ** 7 GB RAM (with R# enabled, Task Manager shows 4.1 GB total memory in use). The physical machine has 16 GB total memory.
    ** 2 processor cores dedicated to VM (out of 4 total)

    Any ideas on how I can speed things up to make R# usable again?

    Thank you,


  35. Zbynek says:

    I cannot use 10.0.1. My code is full of red-colored symbols (“missing references” and similar), while in fact it was completely OK in 10.0.0 and builds without problems. This is in a solution with many interrelated C# projects. Most of them are just code libraries, with no dependence on particular technology (Forms, Web etc.). Interestingly, the lowest level project (that does not depend on any other) behaves correctly. But all others have this problem. It looks like that ReSharper does not “see” the project dependencies/references.

  36. Maxim says:

    R# 10.0.1, VS 2015 Update 1. There is no menu item “Find code dependent on module” in the context menu for a referenced assembly. The main Resharper menu (Resharper | Find) also doesn’t have this function at all.

  37. Kev says:

    I’ve updated to R# Ultimate 10.0.2 EAP 4 but I still got the “Inconclusive” Warning when running tests with NUnit

    The first test project runs fine but the next ones a skipped with an “Inconclusive” warning.

    This does also happen when I try to use continuous testing.

    The app.config file of the test projects doesn’t include other config files (as I’ve read this caused a similar issue).

    • Asya says:

      Hello Kev,
      Sorry for inconvenience! Could you please provide some more details:

      1) what Visual Studio version you’re using?
      2) what type of project is your project containing tests (usual class library, DNX…)?
      3) are there any postbuild steps? Do you move your test dlls anywhere? Is there a chance that test runner doesn’t find it?
      4) please launch Studio in R# Internal mode (with a key /ReSharper.Internal), go to ReSharper | Options | Unit Testing | Enable logging; run your tests; go to %temp%\JetLogs and send me ( the log file – it’s called something like JetBrains_ReSharper_TaskRunner_CLR45_x64.2015-12-10T14-14-07#35272.log.

      Thanks in advance.

  38. Tom says:

    Using VS 2015 with R# 10.0.1 – Win-7(64bit):
    When we have been editing for a period of time, especially in XAML designer but not exclusively, and then move to C# code, every time we type the opening curly brace “{” and then press “Enter” to put them on separate lines,

    Visual studio 2015 IDE freezes for between 5 and 30 seconds and sometimes longer and is completely unresponsive . The longer one has been editing, the worse the problem. Also them memory display in the bottom status line shows that memory usage continues to increase over time even when the code base is not expanding.

    This all stops when we disable Resharper.

  39. Rob Kent says:

    I’m using R# 10.0.2 and I still have the following issues with test runner:

    – Runs tests randomly, or maybe just ones marked Explicit. Says it isn’t running them but does, or I try to run explicitly and it doesn’t.

    – Shows no console output until the test has finished.

  40. Chris says:


    I’m using Resharper for years now. But i can not get familar with the new look of the unit test session results. It just confuses me and makes them useless to me, even if it has the same meaning. But it is so much line breaked that it is unreadable to me. Is there any way to turn it back to the old style, but changing back to resharper 9?

    Thanks and Kind Regards

    • Jura Gorohovsky says:

      Chris, can you try playing with ReSharper > Options > Tools > Unit Testing > Wrap long lines in Unit Test Session output?

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