Hiring a Developer Advocate for .NET

[NOTE: This call is now closed]

We are looking for someone who

  • Believes in tooling and what we do at JetBrains
  • Is passionate about programming languages
  • Loves teaching, learning, producing content and speaking in public
  • Doesn’t need or like micromanagement
  • Doesn’t mind working from home. Or from an office
  • And last but definitely not least, loves to write code

What we’d need is someone with the following qualities:

  • A Developer, with experience in .NET/C#
  • A Teacher, with experience giving presentations and/or workshops
  • An Author, with experience producing content
  • A Traveler, located in the US*

If you’re up to it, ping me. Let’s have a chat.

*Ideally in the US because we need someone to be more present at events on that side of the pond.

Please don’t leave contact details in comments. 

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