Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET E-Book

In the past we’ve published a series of blog posts about detecting and solving memory issues in .NET applications, most, if not all, authored by Alexey Totin, Technical Writer on the .NET Team.

We’ve now aggregated all these posts, touched them up, and made them available as a single E-Book that you can download for free.

Book Cover

It’s the second book of the JetBrains Technical Series, first one being What to look for in a Code Review. And there are more books in the works!


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7 Responses to Detecting and Solving Memory Problems in .NET E-Book

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  2. Sven says:

    Thanks for publishing this. Very helpful.

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  6. Noname says:

    Is there an mistake on page 58? Last question. It should be 84. Is it right?

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