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Rider Session Recordings from Munich

On March 25th we held an evening event at our office focused on Rider in cooperation with .NET Developers Group Munich. We experienced technical issues with one recording, however the good news is that we were able to capture and now share with you two sessions. Watch the recordings in their entirety below.

Connecting Two Worlds
Rider combines two technologies that work on two different platforms: .NET and JVM. How can we make these two different worlds talk to each other efficiently? Good inter-process communication is difficult and we knew this when we set out on this venture. But we also knew that combining the best of the IntelliJ Platform and ReSharper, could give us a lot of potential.

In this talk we dive deep into the architecture of Rider and see how it works under the covers. We look at the application model, threading, data serialization, safe asynchronous execution, data consistency and other things that we had to deal with. See how following a few simple principles, namely keeping things dry, having less and keeping it async helps us with the challenges we face.

Teaser: Next Level Testing
Finally you’ve got your ultimate IDE; how about some awesome testing too? TestFx allows developers to invent new test frameworks in C# more rapidly, without worrying about a solid foundation for a pleasant testing experience, like ReSharper integration, TeamCity support or a console runner. Built on top of TestFx, SpecK is a proof of concept that enables you to write reliable BDD-styled tests using an extensible fluent interface and a well-designed base class that eliminates vast amounts of boiler-plate code.

We experienced issues with the recording of our session with Hadi Hariri, Getting Started with Rider. We suggest to have a look at Project Rider Survival Guide and Video Tutorials.

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