Installation issues? Get ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1.3

Are you having issues installing ReSharper in the last few days? Does the ReSharper installer complain that it doesn’t find any zones exactly matching 15.something?

ReSharper installer error

If this is what you’re seeing, then get ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1.3. Looks like that the latest Visual Studio 2017 Preview (15.3) has changed its internal versioning, which affected stable Visual Studio versions installed on the same machine, which ReSharper had no way of being aware of. With this ReSharper update, the problem should be gone.

Other than a fix to the installer issues, there’s essentially nothing else in this update: if you have not installed and are not planning to install a Visual Studio 2017 Preview build, then you can safely skip this ReSharper update.

Note to ReSharper 2017.2 EAP users: the latest ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2 EAP build released last week already contains the necessary fixes.

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12 Responses to Installation issues? Get ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1.3

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  2. Jake says:

    There is a problem using Resharper’s Build & Run tool on multiple startup project scenario in visual studio 2015

  3. Mike says:

    I am currently developing with Visual Studio Community 2017. I installed Resharper a few days ago. The install has made VS so slow (intellisense, typing code, etc) that it has become unmanageable. I was forced to uninstall Resharper.

    I am using a fresh install of Win 10 and VS Community. I have an SSD and 8GB RAM. Before installing Resharper, my pc was flying. After the install, a turtle could move faster than my pc.

    If anyone can help me, I would be eternally grateful.

  4. horeaper says:

    Currently resharper doen’t work with the new vs15.3’s .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 project (shows a LOT compile errors which doesn’t exist). Please update as soon as possible!

  5. Rory McCrossan says:

    Your link above takes me to the download page for 2017.2 which does not fix this issue. Similar for the EAP page. I need 2017.3 to avoid this problem. Where can I download it from?

  6. Rory McCrossan says:

    Please ignore my previous comment – I was being blind and though this was version 2017.3, not 2017.1.3, my mistake.

  7. Sean says:

    Doesn’t help being told to download the latest version when you are trying to go back to a previous version. With the performance issues of Resharper later, it’s not helping convince me to continue updating when applicable especially as a subscription charges you per year when previously we only needed for each VS release..

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