.editorconfig updates, more build options, better Roslyn support in Rider 2018.3 EAP

Last time, we looked at several new features and fixes available in the Rider 2018.3 Early Access Preview (EAP) version – but definitely not all of them! There are more things to cover…

We have more flexibility for building .NET and .NET Core solutions. We have exciting news about the Roslyn analyzers in Rider. Plus a few more things – you will want to continue reading to learn about.

Working with .editorconfig files

We are always trying to include more file types that Rider uses to have full IDE analysis. That now includes the .editorconfig file type. EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs. This file type uses the INI file format and now Rider gives developers syntax highlighting, inspection of possible values for properties, and other analyses. You will find these files in ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core solutions that include JavaScript for client-side code such as Vue.js, Angular and React.

Working with <code>.editorconfig</code> files

A new action to “Build project without dependencies”

For developers that have and use custom builds for their projects, Rider now has a new build option that will allow the compiler to build the projects and solutions without dependencies. The new action from the context menu for solutions and projects (Advanced Build Actions | Build project without dependencies) will save you time by not having to build those dependent projects that have been set up to be built by other means.


The “Copy Reference” action

Rider now has a Copy Reference action (Edit | Copy Reference) that gives the developer a way to copy a fully qualified name (FQN) of the code entity currently selected in the editor. Rider will prompt the user if there are more than one FQN that can be copied to the clipboard and present that list for the user to choose from. This is a great way to improve communication between teams, when submitting bugs and also when developing documentation.

Copy Reference in Rider

Roslyn Analyzers

Next to over 2,300 code inspections that are built-in, Rider also supports using Roslyn analyzers that you may have developed for your teams and projects. With our latest Rider build, those Roslyn analyzers are properly run  for .NET Core.

This means that macOS and Linux developers that only have .NET Core toolsets (and don’t have Microsoft’s MSBuild installed on their computers) will be able to take advantage of these analyzers. Windows users of Rider could also see improvements with their projects that have Roslyn analyzers, especially those who don’t have Visual Studio installed.

Download Rider 2018.3 EAP and give it a try! We’d love to hear your feedback!

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