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Awesome Plugins for Rider: Language Support

Starting with this post, we will cover some of the most popular plugins for Rider (and IntelliJ IDEs) in a three-part blog series. How could we possibly say No to more great features?

In this series:

All of these plugins can be installed from the settings under Plugins. Let’s get rolling!


There are many Markdown flavors, also GitHub has its own. The Markdown navigator plugin can help master them all. Navigate between files, keep them consistent while renaming, cleanup format, and use drag & drop to insert links and images. Many more enhanced features can be enabled with the paid edition.

The Markdown support plugin maintained by JetBrains is another alternative. But it’s definitely worth to check which one suits you best!

Markdown Navigator

Bash & PowerShell

Not every .NET developer is gifted with PowerShell or even Bash wisdom. How about a little helper to get things done? The Bash support and PowerShell support plugins add essential development features like a rename refactoring, code-completion, code inspections for common code smells, and navigation functionality:

Bash and PowerShell Support


When it comes to log files, it’s not only about the data given, but also about how to explore it. The Ideolog plugin brings a lot of opportunities to make browsing and searching log files more convenient. We can highlight lines by keywords, fold unimportant ones, use time values to indicate long running tasks, and even navigate via stack traces.

Read more in the dedicated blog post. This plugin definitely belongs to every developers tool belt!

Ideolog Plugin


Have you ever struggled with your VCS ignore file? Then it’s time to try the .ignore plugin, which allows to generate a custom ignore file based on the templates over at the github/gitignore repository. For existing files, it indicates which entries actually filter out certain file system items, and it also warns you in case you’re editing a supposedly ignored file:

Ignore Plugin

Don’t miss out on other plugins for code analysis/editing and wonderful UI/UX improvements. Keep an eye on our blog!

Download Rider and give it a try! We would love to hear your feedback.

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