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Fun and entertaining plugins for Rider

Rider’s ecosystem has many plugins covering a multitude of categories, including really fun ones. We’ve highlighted several plugins on this blog previously, but none specifically for the “fun stuff” category – apart from maybe Power Mode II and Nyan Progress Bar but those mean serious business!

So check out these Rider plugins that will make coding fun and brighten your day!


Were you wondering if you broke the build, yet again? Why spend that time simply waiting and watching, when you can listen to the build happen instead? The hilarious Drumroll plugin plays a drum roll while you’re running builds. Kick off a short build during presentations at work – the whole team will have a great laugh! Don’t forget to turn on your speakers!

Duck progress bar

Are we quacking up with this plugin? Perhaps! Each time you perform an activity in Rider that takes a few moments and requires a progress bar, the Duck Progress bar will display a tiny adorable duck that “swims” back and forth across a progress indicator at the bottom of the IDE. Get your ducks in a row while you code!

Duck progress bar


There are times when words just can’t express your frustration or happiness with a codebase. That’s why there are emojis! Emojis help us add that touch of emotion that otherwise wouldn’t quite come through with text alone. If you would like to express yourself more while committing code, then great!

Download the Gitmoji plugin – it contains a multitude of fun emojis that you can use to enhance your commit messages, and really get your point across.

Gitmoji plugin

What The Commit

Nobody likes to come up with commit messages, and all too often, the commit log shows an echo of boring and mundane messages like “fixed bug”, “made changes”, and even “test”. Much of the time, the messages don’t even convey what’s been changed.

Why not spice things up by allowing the What The Commit plugin to randomly choose a commit message for you? After all, you were just going to log entries like “fixed stuff” anyway, weren’t you?

What the commit plugin

Polyglot programmers, keep in mind that many plugins work across multiple IntelliJ-based IDEs.

Download Rider and give it a try!

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