Rider 2019.2.2 is Released!

Please welcome Rider 2019.2.2, which delivers about 60 fixed requests.
Here are the most significant fixes:

  • .NET Core 3 Preview 8 support is available.
  • A few more fixes in code completion.
  • The performance of Solution Wide Error Analysis (SWEA) in ASP.NET projects has been improved. SWEA does not take ages to finish anymore!
  • Lots of fixes in Razor support including resolving tag helpers and view-components, better formatting, and more.
  • Android Layout Preview now works as expected.
  • Code Analysis stops analyzing files and folders excluded from the analysis.
  • The JavaScript debugger stops at breakpoints again.

Possible ways to get this hotfix:

  • Download and install from
  • Update right inside Rider: select Help | Check for updates.
  • Use our Toolbox App.
  • Use this snap package from the SnapCraft store if you are using a compatible Linux distro.
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17 Responses to Rider 2019.2.2 is Released!

  1. Avatar

    Max says:

    September 6, 2019

    I’m not happy about new git window. It really makes me annoyed.
    Please get back the git view without checkboxes.

    • Alexander Kurakin

      Alexander Kurakin says:

      September 6, 2019

      Hey Max! Could you describe the problem in detail, please?

    • Avatar

      Ep says:

      September 10, 2019

      I agree on Max point, the new git window is not consistent with other JetBrain IDEs, I’m not sure why it get changed in Rider?

      If we can get back the old git view that will be great.

  2. Avatar

    Marcel Bradea says:

    September 6, 2019

    Hi there, is the Entity Framework tooling updated to work with .NET Core 3.0 yet?

    Here is a thread which actually makes integrating this in Rider urgent, since the command-line tools no longer work on .NET Core 3.0 so it is currently RELIANT on IDE integration for it to work. (

    Visual Studio has this implemented already but we’re on Mac/Rider exclusively, so it’s currently a blocker from moving over to .NET Core 3.0 – which itself has been a blocker for moving to Mac/Rider completely (we still run Windows VMs to be able to work on ANY changes to our models/DB)

    Thanks guys!

  3. Avatar

    Martin Aguilar says:

    September 9, 2019

    It’s great to see a new version. I’ve been testing 2019.2.2 for the last week and seems to work. No problem with new git screens but was confusing the first time.
    What seems really annoying it’s that the editor freezes too often. Even hitting tab key to increase space produce a notice that Rider is doing something and will do it once it finish. (I can’t remember the exact message). I think that its related to a couple of things. My computer is a windows 7 with 8gb ram and a little bit old cpu. The second reason might be that Rider is inspecting my code and this is awesome in the way helps writing better code but in the other hand, going so deep in inspections make it so slow that I will change the IDE. ( I won’t change my computer right now).
    Even though, I love Rider and I will use it in the future once this freezing stops bothering me.

  4. Avatar

    Seshagiri S.T says:

    September 9, 2019

    Hi ,

    I have updated to 2019.2.2 for mac, but when I open, IDE displays a blank screen. I am not able to see any tool windows (Project Explorer, Terminal etc… including toolbar) I cannot even get them by selecting from Tools Menu. Apart from tool windows, I am not able to open any file by selecting double shift (quick open). This has happened with me for Datagrip too a month back. So I had to reinstall older one. Is there some problem with machine?

    • Avatar

      Seshagiri S.T says:

      September 9, 2019

      I tried, Invalidating Cache, reset settings, and re-installing 2019.2.2. Nothing works… I think I’ll stick to 2019.1.

  5. Avatar

    windflo says:

    October 7, 2019

    we are developing Windows Forms .NET Framework Applications using VB (Visual Basic). The Windows Forms Editor only seems to work for C# projects. Why?

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