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Introducing the JetBrains redistributable of MSBuild

Over the past year, JetBrains Rider has become the primary IDE for many .NET developers. Many of our users have been asking us about how they can develop and build their applications without having Visual Studio 2017 installed. The answer is … Continue reading

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Maintaining consistent code style with formatting inspections in ReSharper 2018.1

ReSharper (and Rider) have always provided a wide range of code inspections to notify us about redundancies in code, potential code quality issues or common practices. In the next 4 blog posts, we will dive into a bunch of new … Continue reading

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Roslyn analyzer support in Rider 2018.1 EAP

While writing code, Rider performs code analysis and helps us spot any errors, problems or potential improvements. With over 2.400 code inspections that come from ReSharper and WebStorm, Rider helps us improve code quality in every language it supports (C#, VB.NET, F#, … Continue reading

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Razor code formatting updates in ReSharper and Rider

The latest releases of ReSharper 2017.3 and Rider 2017.3 come with a number of code formatting engine updates and new options for configuring the code formatting engine and defining code style of supported languages like C#, C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and Protobuf. In this post, let’s … Continue reading

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ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.2 bugfix is here

Our latest and greatest ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3 has just received the second bugfix update – download ReSharper Ultimate 2017.3.2! We added more than 100 fixes in this build. Here are the notable changes:

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Simultaneous debugging of JavaScript and .NET code with Rider

Thanks to the concept of Run/Debug configurations, Rider makes it easy to switch between projects we want to debug in the IDE. Using compound Run/Debug configurations, we can even debug multiple projects at the same time (see our debugging series for … Continue reading

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Project templates in Rider 2017.3

Since the first Rider 2017.3 EAP build a few weeks back, we’ve made a number of incremental changes and improvements to project templates in Rider. When creating a new solution or project, Rider gives us a number of templates by default: Instead … Continue reading

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XDT configuration transformations in Rider

Rider 2017.3 EAP comes with support for Web.config and App.config transformations. These configuration transformations allow us to update certain settings in a Web.config or App.config file when packaging the application. For example, we may want to update the database connection … Continue reading

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Rider 2017.2.1 is available

We’ve just released a bugfix update for the JetBrains .NET IDE – please welcome Rider 2017.2.1. The update fixes the Razor View issue we had on Macs (RIDER-10404) and the Go To Declaration issue after applying a refactoring (RIDER-7429). There … Continue reading

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What’s new in the latest ReSharper 2017.2 EAP builds?

It’s been four weeks and 7 EAP builds since we blogged about the ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2 EAP (Early Access Program) — time to have a thorough look at what’s new since! Improved C# 7.1 support in ReSharper ReSharper – Navigation ReSharper – Inspections … Continue reading

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