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Webinar – Background Tasks Without a Separate Service: Hangfire for ASP.NET

Join us Thursday, February 13, 2020, 16:00 – 17:00 CET (10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST or check other timezones) for our free live webinar, Background Tasks Without a Separate Service: Hangfire for ASP.NET, with Matthew D. Groves.

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If you’re a web developer, eventually you’ll need to do some background processing. This has often meant running separate daemons, services, or Cron jobs, potentially complicating your integration and deployment. With Hangfire, you can create background tasks that run right inside the same .​NET or .​NET Core application. Hangfire background tasks can scale easily to multiple servers and can use a variety of durable storage options. You even get a monitoring UI right out of the box.

In this session, we’ll look at the basics of setting up Hangfire, and how to perform fire-and-forget, delayed, recurring, and continuations of background tasks. We’ll also look at possible gotchas: debugging, failed jobs, cloud deployment.

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About the presenter:

Matthew D. Groves
Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code. It doesn’t matter if it’s C#, jQuery, or PHP: he’ll submit pull requests for anything. He has been coding professionally ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent’s pizza shop back in the 90s.

He currently works as a Developer Advocate for Couchbase. His free time is spent with his family, watching the Reds, and getting involved in the developer community. He is the author of AOP in .​NET (published by Manning), a Pluralsight author, and a Microsoft MVP.

Follow him on Twitter.

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