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ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.2 is Out!

The ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.2 bugfix update was published a moment ago and is ready for you to download!

Let me highlight the most important things in ReSharper 2019.3.2:


  • ReSharper’s Unit Test runner can now discover NUnit parameterized tests after updating the NUnit3TestAdapter package to version 3.16.
  • The Localization Manager has been refined:
    • There are new toggles, “Show Only Localizable String Resources” and “Order by Resource File Path“.
    • Better handling for non-string resources.
    • States of all checkboxes and toggles are persisted on reopening the Localization Manager tool-window.
    • Adding new cultures is much easier now, thanks to code completion.
  • Blazor support has been improved with better code analysis, navigation, and Find Usages.
  • There are several improvements in Inlay Hints:
    • Type hints for recursive patterns.
    • Enhanced tooltips for type hints.
    • Inlay Hints no longer interfere with Ctrl+Click execution on an identifier next to a hint.
    • A few performance optimizations.
  • InspectCode and dupFinder from ReSharper command-line tools work again.

For the other latest fixes in ReSharper, please refer to this list

The other tools in ReSharper Ultimate get updates too:

  • dotTrace 2019.3.2 fixes hanging unit test sessions under profiling. See the full list of fixes here.
  • ReSharper C++ 2019.3.2 has a solid set of bugfixes.

Last but not least, we’ve introduced the newest version of our unit testing framework – dotMemory Unit 3.1, which supports .NET Core versions 3.0 and 3.1.
To install ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.2, download the build from, or run ReSharper | Help | Check for Updates right in MS Visual Studio.

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