ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.4 and Rider 2019.3.4 Bugfixes Available

ReSharper and Rider each have a bugfix update coming! Say hello to ReSharper Ultimate 2019.3.4 and Rider 2019.3.4.

Here are the highlights of ReSharper 2019.3.4:

  • We’ve fixed a couple of exceptions that failed to get results from ReSharper Command Line Tools.
  • Renaming a parameter of a method renames the argument name in the method’s usages.
  • We’ve eliminated one more freeze on typing code.

See our issue tracker for the full list of fixed issues.

Rider 2019.3.4 has:

  • We’ve eliminated the deadlock that affected three tasks, “Analyzing solution”, “Loading solution / Starting features…”, and “Loading analysis results”, while a solution was being loaded.
  • We’ve fixed the performance problem that was forcing the "Processing source files" task to take almost an hour to complete.

Soon you’ll get an update notification in Visual Studio, Rider, or the Toolbox App, which you can use to take advantage of this update.

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