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.NET Annotated Monthly | March 2020

What happened in March in computing history?

March 1986: Microsoft went public. Bill Gates was only 30 years old and the deal was for $350 million. This really got the ball rolling, setting the path for Microsoft’s domination of the market in years to come. Just 4 years later in 1990, the Internet extended beyond the US to Europe!

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.NET tutorials and tips

Garbage Collection at Food Courts – Maoni Stephens demonstrates similarities and differences between GCs at mall food courts and GCs in runtimes.

Dependency Injection in Azure Functions with C# – Check out this excellent post by Layla Porter that details how to do DI in Azure Functions.

Why command line interfaces suck – Once Heather Downing has got your attention with this eye-catching title, she goes onto explain some excellent and hard core reasons showing when a UI works better than a CLI.  Also catch this great piece by Heather on Tech at the Edge of the World: Offline Applications.

Initializing Web Components in Blazor via JS Interop – Thomas Claudius Huber shows how to initialize web components in Blazer, through JS Interop. This is good stuff.

Automate developer work using Git Aliases – Laurent Kempé makes life easier with automation of Git Aliases.

Full Modular Monolith .NET application with Domain-Driven Design approach -Kamil Grzybek created this interesting app to demonstrate how to make a modular monolith using best practices from DDD, OOP, architecture, and testing areas.

Code-First EF Core Lookup Table and Blazor – We all need lookup tables. Bradley Wells shows us how to do it with Blazor.

What’s behind the hype about Blazor? – Chris Sainty asks what this Blazor thing is all about? Is it just a fad? What’s going on here?

Saving basic data in Blazor – A nice how-to for saving data in Blazor apps by  Mircea Oprea.

When ASP.NET Core can’t find your controller: debugging application parts – No need to panic when ASP.NET Core can’t find your controller. Andrew Lock has got you covered!

Getting Started with CORS in ASP.NET Core –  David Grace has published a nice intro on CORS in ASP.NET Core.

Perform CRUD operations on MySQL database using EF Core and ASP.NET Core – Jeremy Likness shows off some basics here with MySQL and EF Core.

Inserting middleware between UseRouting() and UseEndpoints() as a library author [Part 1] and Inserting middleware between UseRouting() and UseEndpoints() as a library author [Part 2] – This is a nice 2 part post on UseRouting and UseEndpoints by Andrew Lock.

Some performance tricks with .NET strings – This post by Gérald Barré shows the absolute craziness of strings.

Events, community and culture

Better technical interviews, what’s the point – This the starting point (Part 1) of an excellent multi-part series on technical interviewing. If you’re hiring (and even if you aren’t) this is a “must read” piece by Sean Killeen.

Rachel will be at TechDays Finland giving talks about GraphQL on ASP.NET Core and SignalR. You can also find her at DevConf in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa!

Catch Matt at fwDays Kyiv2020 speaking on cool .NET topics.

Matthias will be going on a whirlwind tour of Poland, making several stops at a user group near you in Wroclaw, Krakow, and Warsaw. You can also find him at DevOps Pro Europe.

You can find our newest advocate Khalid at the Philly.NET Code Camp this month, featuring a talk on JAMStack!

And Maarten visits Greece to speak at Voxxed Thessaloniki.

Random, interesting, and cool stuff

If this tweet doesn’t make you laugh, nothing will.
Tweet text: I've worked professionally in software for 18 years and I can say with certainty that you should not use software for anything

And finally…

There’s been a lot of JetBrains news in the previous month. Here’s a chance to catch up on what you might have missed:

We’ve released the Rider 2020.1 EAP (Early Access Preview). Get it while it’s hot hot hot!

We’ve published our plans for the next version of Rider and ReSharper.

Please welcome our newest .NET Advocate, Khalid Abuhakmeh! Khalid works remotely for us from Pennsylvania, USA. You’ll see him speaking and attending conferences in the USA (and worldwide). Catch him on Twitter, online at his blog, or send him an email.

Another JetBrains .NET Day Online is happening on May 14, 2020!
If you’d like to speak on topics from .NET to code quality and more, then submit your talk right away.

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