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On April 6th, 1992, Microsoft released Windows 3.1 to the world! Meanwhile, in 2020, the world is struggling and trying to deal with a global pandemic. I hope everyone is able to stay at home, safe and healthy. Please take care of yourselves. Hopefully this newsletter helps alleviate some stress by providing fun & exciting tech info.

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.NET news

.NET tutorials and tips

Balancing work on GC threads – Maoni Stephens details how to balance work on GC threads. Maoni’s posts are always in depth and informative.
The most useful shortcuts in Rider – Łukasz Ławicki

ASP .NET Core 2020 Blog Series – Shahed Chowdhuri has a ton of resources about ASP.NET, including this fantastic ASP.NET A-Z series for 2020.

14 reasons for adopting Nuke as your next build automation tool – Dennis Doomen lays out a laundry list of reasons for why you might want to adopt Nuke, an open source build automation framework for .NET.

Creating Random Numbers With .NET Core – A random post about random numbers by our own Kahlid Abuhakmeh.

A couple of nice Tuple use cases – Joseph Woodward demonstrates some interesting ways to use tuples, from construction to destruction and more.

Upload and resize an image with ASP.NET Core and ImageSharp – This post by Thomas Ardal demonstrates essential functionality of web apps: uploading images.

How to keep Javascript object reference in Blazor on .NET side? – Rémi Bourgarel explains how to keep JavaScript from running amok in Blazor apps.

How to format response data for your Web API in ASP.NET Core – A much needed post describing the best way to format response data for APIs by Alexander Lvovich.

Developing an Application using ASP.NET Core 3.0, EF Core 3.0, Azure Cosmos DB and Angular.js – Check out this post on DotNetCurry by Mahesh Sabnis – it’s one of those posts with everything including the kitchen sink in there!

What Are .NET Worker Services? – As always, we can count on Steve Gordon to write up an excellent blog post, this time explaining the ins and outs of worker services in .NET.

Events, community and culture

Helping Customers Effectively – This is a different type of post by Maoni Stephens, discussing how to really help your customers.

Meet up with the JetBrains .NET advocates at the following in-person events:


The advocates are staying home doing social distancing and doing their part as to help contain the spread of Coronavirus. Not to mention, all the events and conferences we planned to attend were cancelled or converted to virtual events, as most of the world is on lock-down. So we won’t be at any in-person events but we’re online! Chat with us on Twitter: Rachel, Maarten, Matt, Matthias, and Khalid, or join in on .NET Day Online, at one of our many webinars, or at a virtual event.

Random interesting and cool stuff

Working remotely? Check out new Microsoft 365 personal and family subscriptions

What a fun video (if not a bit silly)! This is what happens when you are working from home and have all that commute time, now freed.

Fun video

Working from home? Blogger, teacher and consultant Sarah Kimmel has advice for you

Here’s a good Twitter thread by Ginger Gorman with some work from home advice.

My advice: Do what makes you feel comfortable and as productive as you can be. If that means keeping a strict routine, then do it. If that means throwing out your routine, then do that instead. There’s no silver bullet work from home solution that fits everyone. So if you’re new to working from home, try out different approaches, look for ideas online, and see what works for you. Ask people on your team who share similar work styles what they do, and see if that works for you too. Keep in mind what’s happening right now is a pandemic, and nobody on Earth has experienced this yet, so it’s new for everyone, and even if you’re a work from home veteran, things might be a bit different during this time. Do stay hydrated and don’t forget self care – this seems to be good advice whether you are working from home or not.

The JetBrains advocates have been working from home and working remotely for many years, so if you have questions or need some assistance, just give us a shout and we’ll help you out.

And finally…

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

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And don’t forget to stay home and wash your hands!

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