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Rider 2020.1.4 and ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1.4 Bugfixes Are Ready!

Rider 2020.1.4 and ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1.4 are ready for you to download.

ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1.4

ReSharper 2020.1.4 comes with better support for one more C# 8 language feature: the ability to mark property accessors separately with the Obsolete and Deprecated attributes (RSRP-477579).

Rider 2020.1.4

Rider 2020.1.4 has a couple of fixes in addition to the C# 8 update from ReSharper:

  • No more indefinite "waiting for intention actions…" message after calling the Alt+Enter menu (RIDER-44548).
  • Rider can successfully connect to MS SQL Server (DBE-10839).

You’ll find ReSharper Ultimate 2020.1.4 and Rider 2020.1.4 on our website, or you can update using the Toolbox App.

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