The Rider 2020.2.1 and ReSharper 2020.2.1 Hotfixes Are Here!

We’ve just published two hotfix updates, Rider 2020.2.1 and ReSharper 2020.2.1. Here are the highlights of what we’ve introduced. For the full list of changes, please refer to our bug tracker.

Rider 2020.2.1


  • We’ve fixed the bug that caused all NuGet packages to be restored unnecessarily before building the project (RIDER-49125).

Unit testing

  • NUnit2 tests are no longer left in an Inconclusive state with System.NullReferenceException (RSRP-480840).
  • The option to run NUnit tests from a specified folder now works correctly (RIDER-49367).
  • The appsettings.json file is read correctly when running xUnit tests (RIDER-49177).
  • The Environment.CurrentDirectory setting for NUnit tests has been set to ‘Test assembly’s folder’ by default.
  • A variety of other requests has been fixed – please refer to this bug tracker query for more information.


  • Resolving INTERNAL_DATA macros and related functions has been improved (RIDER-48368).
  • The behavior of the setting for suppressing errors in shaders has been updated: it now hides all resolve problems (RIDER-49123).
  • We’ve also turned off errors from .shader files in the ‘Errors In Solution’ view.

ReSharper 2020.2.1

  • We’ve eliminated the freeze on bulk operations, such as Remove unused references (RSRP-480776).
  • A set of bug fixes in unit testing described above in Rider’s section.

At the moment we’re still investigating a list of issues in unit testing. We’re grateful for your feedback, and if there’re any other problems you’d like to let us know about, please feel free to file a request in our bug tracker, leave a comment to this post, or contact ReSharper’s or Rider’s support team.

You’ll find Rider 2020.2.1 and ReSharper 2020.2.1 on our website, or you can update using the Toolbox App.

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