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Rider 2018.1 is released!

Please welcome the new spring release of Rider! Our team has worked hard to make your experience with Rider even smoother and more enjoyable. Download JetBrains Rider 2018.1, or read on for release highlights.

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Run Unity tests in Rider 2018.1

In our last couple of posts about new Unity features in Rider 2018.1, we’ve seen that updating our Unity editor plugin to be smarter now allows us to control play mode, and bring the Unity console directly into Rider. The intent here is to reduce … Continue reading

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View Unity console logs directly in Rider 2018.1

Last time, we looked at how Rider 2018.1 introduces a new Unity editor plugin which allows us to build deeper integration with Unity. We saw how we can now control play mode and step single frames without having to switch away from Rider. … Continue reading

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Control Unity editor play mode with Rider 2018.1

One of our big themes with Rider’s Unity support is to reduce how much time you spend context switching between Rider and the Unity editor, and Rider 2018.1 introduces some new features that are designed to do just that. Our … Continue reading

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Rider 2018.1 EAP is open

Good news, everyone! GREAT news everyone! Today is great because we are welcoming the Early Access Program for Rider 2018.1! Break down the walls to the future and give the first EAP build a try. Let’s have a look at … Continue reading

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Working with external class libraries in Unity and Rider

Yesterday, we posted about a new feature in Rider 2017.3.1 – debugging third party code in Mono. This feature nicely rounds out Rider’s support for a specific Unity workflow – building and debugging external class libraries. Let’s take a look at how Rider … Continue reading

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Debugging third-party code with Rider – now in Mono!

Back in December, we announced a really cool feature – the ability to seamlessly debug third party code in Rider. No need for a .pdb file, just hit F11 and step in – Rider will decompile the code on-the-fly, and boom! … Continue reading

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Rider 2017.3 and Unity

Rider 2017.3 was a bumper release and added a lot of new features, improvements and fixes. Let’s take a look at the Unity specific changes. As a quick reminder, Rider is a cross platform C# IDE, for Windows, Mac and … Continue reading

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Rider 2017.3.1 is released

Between the release of Rider 2017.3 and the start of 2018.1 EAP our team have worked diligently on cleaning things up, to provide you with a sleek and hassle-free experience with the IDE and today we’re happy to announce that … Continue reading

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Rider 2017.3 Early Access Program is open

We have just started up another Rider pre-release cycle: please feel free to download Rider 2017.3 EAP! The first EAP build contains the following new features and bugfixes:

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