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Xamarin, the best way to make NFC Apps – Webinar Recording

The recording of our webinar, Xamarin, the best way to make NFC Apps, with Saamer Mansoor, is now available. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars.

Learn about NFC technology, potential invention ideas, the NFC capabilities & differences between iPhone & Android apps, and why Xamarin is the best way to make cross-platform NFC Apps. Also, learn about ways to implement security and limitations.

Webinar agenda:

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 4:11 – What is Xamarin?
  • 8:03 – Xamarin Native vs. Xamarin Forms
  • 24:21 – NFC Technology
  • 36:34 – NFC Stickers in Action
  • 46:45 – Questions
  • 55:20 – Wrap-up


Download Rider and give it a try!

About the presenter:

Saamer Mansoor
Saamer Mansoor studied engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas and is now settled in Canada. He founded The First Prototype, a small business enshrined in the Digital Nomad and a11y communities, that specializes in Xamarin Native development. He has worked on over 20 published Xamarin apps including ones with >1 million downloads that were top 5 on the App Stores in the Tools/Utility category.

Saamer loves contributing to the community- he is top 5% for Xamarin on Stack Overflow and is a Xamarin content creator. His Xamarin articles featured on PlanetXamarin have made it to various digital publications, and YouTube videos have over 500 view hours. He loves to stretch the boundaries of Xamarin including implementing NFC, using GitHub Actions, controlling Raspberry Pi’s, designing his own UI using Figma+Zeplin.

Follow Saamer on Twitter.

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