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.NET Annotated Monthly | March 2021

Did you know? Windows used to be called Interface Manager. Interface Manager was supposed to be the name of the product, but was changed to Windows to solidify Microsoft’s branding. In 1983 at Comdex, Windows was announced to the world. Naming is hard!

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.NET news

There’s not a lot of .NET news happening at the moment. But there have been a few previews released in the previous month, and an update from the .NET Foundation.

Featured Content

Code Review Stop Nitpicking in Code Reviews – People write software for other people, and the code review is that place where you deal with other people. Dan Lew writes about his experience with code reviews. The verdict: getting rid of nitpicking makes codebases better.

Book thumbnail: Dapr for .NET Developers

Who doesn’t love a free book?! Microsoft has published Dapr for .NET Developers by Rob Vettor, Sander Molenkamp, and Edwin van Wijk. Microservices is the hot tech right now and this book covers how to use Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) to build microservices in .NET.

Adventures in .NET podcast

Did you ever wonder what it takes to build an IDE? It’s pretty complex, since you’re developing something that other developers use to develop their software. So catch this episode of Adventures in .NET where Maarten Balliauw discusses how to you develop an IDE using JetBrains Rider as an example.

Tutorials and articles

.NET tutorials

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Interesting and cool stuff

Read this thread and consider that asking a single question for every decision your team makes could make a huge impact to the quality of your software. It has for both the British rowing team at the Olympics and it has for Shreyas Doshi and his projects.

Andrew Karpov demonstrates some really cool features to be released in ReSharper and Rider soon. Can’t wait!

Here is an interesting question. What has been most valuable for you for self-learning? Even if you’re not self-taught, you still need to learn a great many things in the business of software and computing. How do you do it? Let us know.

And finally, the latest from JetBrains

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

:wrench: .NET Tools Guide | Learning resources for ReSharper, Rider, and more. :wrench:


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