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New .NET Guide Tutorials – From Visual Studio to Rider, ReSharper Essentials, Docker, and more!

Good news, everyone! We’ve added several new tutorials to the JetBrains .NET Guide!

JetBrains .NET Guide

The .NET Guide was introduced in 2020, as a central place for tutorials, tips & tricks for .NET and the JetBrains .NET tools. Let’s see what’s new!

Moving from Visual Studio to JetBrains Rider

If you’re eager to explore JetBrains Rider, our fast, cross-platform .NET IDE, we’ve written a jumpstart guide for developers currently using Visual Studio, with or without ReSharper. If you want to try out Rider, this new tutorial is a great place to start: Moving from Visual Studio to JetBrains Rider is a great place to start!

You’ve likely spent most of your .NET development career working with Visual Studio, and maybe ReSharper, so we start this tutorial exploring the everyday functionality folks might want to use when starting to work with Rider.

Are you more adventurous and just opened an existing solution in Rider? You may want to check the existing Rider Essentials tutorial, where our developer advocates show their favorite tips and tricks, uncovering how they work with Rider.

Learn ReSharper from our developer advocates team

Switching to a new IDE can be daunting. So if you’re using Visual Studio, want to be more productive and write better code, faster, you may want to try ReSharper.

In ReSharper Essentials, we uncover the essential features and workflows in ReSharper.

We will look at navigation in a code base, editing code, inspections and quick-fixes, refactoring, some additions to the Visual Studio debugger, unit testing, architecture tools and diagrams, the localization manager, and more!

Docker for .NET Developers

Whether we build small apps or earth-scale, we can find a use for container technology. In the Docker for .NET Developers tutorial, we set out to discover why .NET developers should care about Docker.

This tutorial aims to inform .NET developers who may have heard about Docker but aren’t sure what it is, why they should care, and how it fits into developing their distributed .NET applications.

Learn about profiling tools in Rider

When allocations hit the fan, or you experience application performance problems, you may want to check our tutorial about profiling .NET applications in Rider. Using an existing application, this tutorial walks you through performance and memory profiling options in Rider. Together, we’ll optimize an existing application.

What else is there?

The JetBrains .NET Guide has some existing tutorials about .NET technologies that you may want to explore:

  • .NET Localization — A short series where explore localization in .NET, and match an application’s language and visuals to a specific culture.
  • Getting Started With ASP.NET — A set of short videos to understand the basic landscape of an ASP.NET application.
  • Web Fundamentals — This tutorial covers front-end development in Rider. Expect topics like JavaScript, React, and testing.
  • The Basics Series — A set of short basic walkthroughs of different .NET technologies.

Short on time? There’s also a wide variety of bite-sized tips, such as this tip that shows live and postfix templates that help write code to iterate a collection.

We have more tutorials in the works. Have your own tips & tricks to share? Want to see or write a specific tutorial? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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