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Rider 2021.2 Roadmap

The JetBrains Rider team is working hard on bringing you the next release of Rider. We will soon release the first Early Access Program (EAP) version of Rider, so now is a good time to look at what enhancements, bug fixes, and features you can expect.

Note that these are features we’re working on and not exactly features guaranteed for delivery –  we may choose to delay items until a later version. And we may choose to add more than what’s in this post…


Web Assembly (WASM) gives developers the ability to run their Blazor web applications directly in a client (web browser) with native performance. Blazor users will be excited to know that the latest EAP will support WASM debugging for Blazor applications, making it easier to build, debug, and deploy WASM-powered experiences to users.

And of course, you’ll also get the Razor & Blazor improvements we’re working on for ReSharper 2021.2.

IIS Express

In a mixed-bit world, errors can happen and leave developers confused. In this release, Rider will inform IIS Express users when their web application is a 32-bit application running on 64-bit IIS Express in the in-process mode.

Quick Docs

Rider users will see two quality of life improvements when it comes to highlighting documents. Quick documentation is a developer’s entry point to learning about the APIs they’re using. Users can trigger quick documentation with a shortcut; check your keymap-specific shortcut at our official documentation.

The first is improved syntax highlighting for attributes. Any documentation that shows attributes used in combination with constant values, enums, and keywords will have the appropriate highlighting.

The other improvement is for generic type documentation. Developers will see concrete implementations of generics rather than placeholder values. For example, previous documentation would show KeyValuPair<TKey, TValue>, with the latest release hypothetically showing KeyValuePair<long, string>.

Dynamic Program Analysis

Dynamic program analysis (DPA) allows developers to catch potential memory allocation issues during the development process. Read more about DPA at our docs if you’re just learning about DPA.

Veteran users of DPA will be getting some interaction improvements that will make the experience more productive.

  • Support multi-select for Copy Details (Ctrl + C)
  • Copy Details and Stack Trace (Ctrl + Shift + C)
  • Mark as Fixed (Delete) actions in Dynamic Program Analysis window

Developers will also have the ability to alter DPA behavior based on environment variables and events.

Unity / Mono

Last but certainly not least, an array of Unity bug fixes and enhancements are coming to Rider for Unity users. The biggest highlights include improved documentation, warning users of committing changes when an unsaved scene is detected, and grouping of Unity-specific run configurations.

You can help!

As always, EAP features are subject to change before the final release of Rider. While we do our best to deliver planned features, we also want to provide a functional and stable Rider to developers. Using EAPs and giving feedback is one of the best ways the community can help us deliver high-quality releases. The most active participants during our previous EAP were rewarded with a complimentary 1-year personal license licenses to our dotUltimate products.

We are deeply grateful to all participants of our Early Access Program who help us identify countless issues, usability glitches, and missing features. Thank you so much!

And stay tuned for the first Rider 2021.2 EAP (Early Access Program) version…

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