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Initial Support for Visual Studio 2022 Preview Is Available!

Hello everyone,

Recently, some of you contacted us and asked about Visual Studio 2022 support in ReSharper and ReSharper C++. Today, we’re sharing an experimental build which can be integrated into Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0 Preview 2.1.

We’ve created a dedicated page where you can download this build. You can also find more details about the distribution, versioning, known issues, and other useful information there. 

Please find the answers to some common questions below.

Which tools are included in this build?

The build consists of ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotTrace, dotMemory, dotCover, and dotPeek. 

Can I keep another ReSharper version in other Visual Studio versions aside from Visual Studio 2022?

If you want to keep the previous ReSharper version in other Visual Studio versions aside from Visual Studio 2022, deselect icons for these Visual Studio versions on the installer’s first page.

How often are you going to publish new builds for this early preview? 

We are going to publish a new build at least every month and will update the link in the Download section on this page.

Have you compared ReSharper’s performance in Visual Studio 2022 to Visual Studio 2019?

We haven’t compared the overall performance yet, since this is only the first build with Visual Studio 2022 support. We wanted to concentrate first on making sure the integration was slick. You can find our performance expectations in this blog post.

When will the Visual Studio 2022 support reach the release? 

There is no ETA for the release build.

Your feedback is highly appreciated. Please let us know what you think about ReSharper “Visual Studio 2022” Edition and whether you experience any issues with this early preview. Use any of these feedback channels to share your feedback with us:

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