.NET Tools Releases

Rider 2021.3.1 and ReSharper 2021.3.1 Released

Hello everyone,

It looks like we’ve smashed the world record for the shortest gap between major release and hotfix update. We’ve just released ReSharper Tools and Rider 2021.3.1. As you may remember, we have a single “Deploy” button for all the .NET products that means they all ship together. However, there were some .NET products that were affected by this – dotTrace and dotMemory. The last minute updates of the UI components broke their controls for creating and editing run configurations. There was also a problem with ReSharper SDK which is now fixed.

For ReSharper, Rider, and our other products in the .NET family of tools nothing has changed in the hotfix.

We’ve since updated our pre-deploy procedure (maybe this is another record we can claim) to avoid such problems in the future, and we apologize for the noise.

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