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.NET Annotated Monthly | January 2022

Did you know? Microsoft used the name C# in 1988. This language had nothing in common with the C# of today as it was a variant of the C language, and was discontinued. It wasn’t until 2002 that Microsoft released the language named C# that we know today, with the release of the .NET Framework 1.0.

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December is a slow news month on most years, but here are a few highlights to check out.

Tutorials and articles

Goodies from the month of December.

.NET tutorials

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Tweet tips

Here’s some great advice from a JetBrains coworker to start the new year.

Some advice for those who are job seeking. Danny says it’s his opinion but this is standard, solid advice.

Interesting and cool stuff

And finally, the latest from JetBrains

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:

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