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ReSharper 2022.1 Roadmap

With the first ReSharper 2022.1 Early Access Program (EAP) build out, we thought we’d give you an idea of what’s being worked on for ReSharper 2022.1. As we move forward from the previous generation of Visual Studio and .NET, there are bound to be some unexpected bugs. We’ve labeled this release as a Quality Release with a primary focus on squashing bugs and enhancing your VS2022 development experience.

Keep in mind, the ReSharper roadmap is subject to change based on priorities, resources, and changes in the .NET space. Some features and fixes may go into a later release.

General enhancements and bug fixes

We realize it’s a bit of a cliché to say, “we’re working on general enhancements and bug fixes”, but it’s true!

The development team is working hard fixing issues around the development experience, including, but not limited to, technologies such as ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, Entity Framework, XAML, and Office Add-Ins. We’re tackling over 500 bug fixes in this release of ReSharper, and it will help make your experience in Visual Studio that much better.

Entity Framework Select N+1 Analysis

We’re still actively working on Entity Framework Select N+1 analysis detections. For those unfamiliar, the Select N+1 Problem occurs when your application makes a database request for a result set but inadvertently makes additional database calls for each record in the initial set. This issue can result in performance degradation that can be easy to introduce and difficult to spot.

When using Entity Framework, these issues are prevalent when lazy-loading is enabled. ReSharper will analyze LINQ usages connected to a DbContext and inform you early on of any potential query problems, saving you from dealing with production problems.

Visual Studio 2022 improvements

We’ve identified several interaction issues between ReSharper and Visual Studio 2022, from minor UI issues to experience breaking bugs. The release will fix many of these pesky UI problems. For those working in Visual Studio 2022, we’re here to make your experience that much more pleasant.

Localization Manager with Google Translate

The localization process is about to get a bit easier for developers, as we explore the ability to use Google Translate directly from the localization manager. Of course, we still recommend hiring professional translators to ensure local idioms and customs are met during the translation process. Still, short of hiring professionals, this solution should help you and other developers get their apps localized and deployed to new audiences.

Endpoints discovery enhancements

ASP.NET Core 6 users have experienced the many ways you can now define an endpoint, with the likes of attribute-based routing, Minimal APIs, and convention-based routes. For the upcoming release, we plan to expand Endpoints support to discover even more routes in your application. The upgraded discovery mechanism of routes should help you navigate your ASP.NET Core applications more quickly.

Profiler updates

The profiler tools are also seeing a focus on bug fixes and performance improvements in this release, but there are a few enhancements worth mentioning.

In dotMemory, we’re focusing on improving the subsystem which warns you if you’re low on memory and don’t have enough resources to open a workspace. Additionally, we are tuning performance around the Group by Similar Retention view.

In dotTrace, memory consumption during snapshot processing should see a significant decrease, while random memory access performance should see an increase. And for folks using dotnet-trace, the future release of dotTrace will support opening profiles generated from the tool.


The 2022.1 ReSharper release will resolve many bugs and bring you an even better development experience within Visual Studio. As always, if you’re interested in helping out the ReSharper team, we suggest installing and using the Early Access Program (EAP) version of ReSharper 2022.1 and providing feedback. Your feedback directly goes into making the product better for you and other developers. 

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