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Webinar: Working with SQL and databases in Rider (postponed)

UPDATE: The webinar, Working with SQL and databases in Rider with DataGrip’s team lead Maksim Sobolevskiy, has been postponed until further notice. When the new date is known, we will inform blog subscribers.

In this webinar, we’ll see the basics of writing SQL queries and working with data in Rider. Many of the features you’ll see in this webinar also pertain to the database IDE called DataGrip and all other IntelliJ-based IDEs. Even if you feel that you’re familiar with the database features in Rider, you’ll likely learn something new for yourself and discover new and exciting features to improve your database workflow.

About the presenter:

Maksim Sobolevskiy

Maksim Sobolevskiy was an SQL developer for 10 years. From Summer, 2015 he does marketing for JetBrains SQL IDE called DataGrip, and from 2020 he is the team lead of DataGrip.

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