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.NET Annotated Monthly | May 2022

Did you know? Screensavers were introduced to stop images getting burned into your PC screens. It’s true! Older screens weren’t nearly as nice as they are now. If you left your monitor on for long periods of time and left a wallpaper or program visible, it would burn traces of it into the screen. Much like when you look directly at a light and then look away.

.NET news

Featured content 

We’d like to thank Chris Woodruff for curating this month’s featured content! Chris (or Woody as he is commonly known) has a huge passion around software architecture especially around APIs. You can find him Tweeting as @cwoodruff, on LinkedIn and finally trying to blog more at Woodruff.Dev. Woody also has an expensive bourbon collecting hobby that takes him to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky several times a year.

Woody has a great online workshop covering ASP.NET 5 Web API that anyone can learn more about REST APIs. You can find the online workshop here “ASP.NET 5 Web API Workshop” and the code for the workshop on his GitHub repo.

The ASP.NET 6 Web API workshop will be coming out later this year but Woody has the code for the workshop available here at the Chinook6WebAPI repo.

.NET & programing tutorials and tips 

.NET tutorials and tips

Daniel Lawson penned a nice thread on immutability in programming, with C# as the example.

Related programming tutorials and tips:

  • How To Use Storytelling In UX – Even if you’re a dev who does no frontend work, this is a solid but also fun way to work with frontends and designers. It’s definitely in the “good to know” category – so set aside a few minutes for it. Post by Marli Mesibov.
  • Use Copilot to Write and Translate a Binary Search Algorithm – GitHub Copilot is a new software program run by AI that pair programs with you. In this post, Rizèl Scarlett demonstrates how to use this algorithm to translate a binary search algorithm. 
  • The ins and outs of joining tables in SQL Server – I see what you did with that blog post title, Greg Larsen. Anyway, for those who don’t do SQL a lot or are newer to it, db relationships and with that joining tables is a cornerstone of SQL development. So check this fairly in-depth tutorial out and when you’re done you can join tables like a pro.
  • URL, URI, URN: What’s the Difference? – Great question! This topic is one that a lot of web developers don’t bother to investigate, and may not need in their day-to-day jobs but the distinctions are useful and often important. Good thing Andrea Chiarelli has answers to this question!
  • C++ For C# Developers – If you want to learn a new thing this year and don’t know C++ already, read this. Seriously. Jackson Dunstan has created what amounts to a book (it’s 53 lengthy posts long) on C++ for C# devs. This will help you get a great perspective on what’s even closer to the metal than you can get even with unsafe code in C#.

Swapna Kumar Panda teaches the difference between these two lines of JavaScript. It is code like this in JavaScript that very easily frustrates people!

Interesting and cool stuff

  • Bringing Social Work Skills to the Workplace – Jessica Keaton writes up a short but to the point post on social skills and the workplace. Pass this around to certain colleagues. You know who.
  • You should be reading academic computer science papers – Ryan Donovan of GitHub puts it perfectly: “You read documentation and tutorials to become a better programmer, but if you really want to be cutting-edge, academic research is where it’s at.” 
  • 20 Years of Patterns’ Impact – Speaking of academic style papers. This gem from the IEEE Rebecca Wirfs-Brock et al., is an old but important perspective on why patterns are as they are today.

And finally, the latest from JetBrains

Here’s a chance to catch up on JetBrains news that you might have missed:


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