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RiderFlow 2022.1.2 Bug-Fix Update

Have you heard about our new free plugin for Unity editor? RiderFlow helps manage the scenes, navigate and search through them, and even refactor them.

You can download it from the Asset Store, use Unity package manager to install it, or get RiderFlow.unitypackage directly from our website.


This new update brings a few significant improvements to the plugin. Let’s take a look at them!

Easy search with Search Everywhere

Search Everywhere helps you search through GameObjects in scenes, assets, and Unity actions. In the previous update, we added the ability to use type filters in the search field. Now, to make searching even more convenient, we’ve added completion for search filters. This can be invoked via Ctrl+Space:
Completion in filters

Better editing a Prefab in Prefab Mode

We made the Show Usages In Scene action work in Prefab Preview mode. RiderFlow now highlights usages and shows all of them in the toolbar:
Show usages in scenes

We also enabled the enhanced hierarchy view features in the prefab view. That means you can now create bookmarks and sections as well as add notes there:

It’s worth noting that, if auto-save is disabled, it’s not possible to use the enhanced features on the unsaved GameObjects in the prefab preview. RiderFlow will warn you in this case:
Unsaved objects notification

You can enable Always save mode right from this notification. Or change the settings in Preferences | RiderFlow:

Other fixes:

  • We fixed the infinite initialization of RiderFlow when entering Play mode in “Maximize on play” (RF-304).
  • Show Usages in Scene now returns a non-zero result on a prefab instance in the Hierarchy window. The behavior is controlled by the Process prefab instances for usages setting, which is enabled by default.
  • Mark/unmark sections:
    • The Unmark section action now trims the section separator (RF-310).
    • The Mark as section action is no longer available on already created sections (RF-312).

That’s it! Give RiderFlow a try and let us know what you think.


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