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dotCover, dotMemory, dotPeek, and dotTrace 2023.1 Release!

dotCover 2023.1, dotMemory 2023.1, dotPeek 2023.1, and dotTrace 2023.1 have been released and are ready for download! 

Let’s take a look at the most important updates for these tools.


The standalone version of dotTrace is now available on Linux and macOS as Beta. You can perform the full profiling workflow on these operating systems, including collecting and analyzing performance snapshots.


During this release cycle, the team focused their efforts on performance improvements and bug fixes for dotMemory. Here are the 2 most notable updates for version 2023.1:

  • dotMemory moved away from using the HTTP protocol to retrieve symbols and data access components (DACs) required for analysis of memory dumps. Instead, the HTTPS protocol is now used to ensure better information security.
  • We’ve introduced support for importing .NET 6.0+ memory dumps taken on Linux machines (DMRY-9834).


It’s now possible to trigger Continuous Testing directly by applying a shortcut. Previously, you could do this only indirectly by building or saving your project. This feature works in both Visual Studio with ReSharper and JetBrains Rider.


IL Viewer tool window

The 2023.1 version of dotPeek contains the following improvements for the IL Viewer tool window:

  • The IL Viewer shows variable names as they were used in the original source code in low-level and high-level code. It also shows original tuple element names for local variables in high-level code.
  • Commented tuple element names will be rendered from the pdb/decompiler for local variable declarations in intermediate language (IL) code.
  • Synchronization has been improved for field and property initializers, statements inside iterators, async methods, lambdas, local functions, and nested local function declarations for high-level C#.

To learn more about the latest ReSharper release, please check out this separate blog post.
Download dotCover 2023.1, dotMemory 2023.1, dotPeek 2023.1, and dotTrace 2023.1 today and let us know your thoughts about the release.

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