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Webinar – Stefan Pölz – How to test C# unit tests with mutation testing

Join us Thursday, May 4, 2023, 2:00 – 3:00 PM UTC (check other timezones) for our free live webinar, How to test C# unit tests with mutation testing, with Clean C# Coder, Stefan Pölz.

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Executing the very short development cycle of test-driven development requires discipline and practice.

However, the .NET ecosystem offers a wide variety of tools to support authoring a high-quality suite of unit tests, defending production code against defects.

In this session, Stefan will show how to further improve the effectiveness of C# test suites by testing our unit tests with mutation testing, and how to continuously integrate it with Azure Pipelines/GitHub Actions.

Stefan Pölz - how to test csharp unit tests with mutation testing

You can attend Stefan Pölz’s webinar on YouTube or register for How to test C# unit tests with mutation testing to get a reminder closer to the webinar.

About the presenter:

stefan pölz

Stefan Pölz

Stefan’s passion is to practice Clean Code and test-driven development to build maintainable software in an ever-evolving team, supported by tools from the .NET Ecosystem. He loves to attend and speak at public developer events, co-organize local community gatherings, stream live programming sessions, and author open source projects to complement his expertise in professional software development. As a Microsoft MVP (Developer Technologies), JetBrains Community Contributor (.NET), and co-organizer of DotNetDevs.at, it’s his ambition to share knowledge about everything C#.

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