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.NET Annotated Monthly | June 2023

Did you know? More than 400 billion PDFs were opened in Adobe products in the last year. Wow! That’s a lot of PDFs! How many did you open last year?

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Hi folks, it’s me, Khalid, your neighborhood-friendly developer advocate. Rachel has kindly asked me to curate the June 2023 newsletter, as I’d like to have a dialogue with our JetBrains community. 

How’s your year been so far? Have you learned anything new? What do you think is the next big thing in the .NET community? Can we, JetBrains, improve your .NET development experience? Finally, how are you doing? Please leave replies in the comments section below, and let’s chat. 

How am I doing? Thanks for asking. My year so far has been a polyglot development kind of year, with detours into JavaScript/TypeScript, Ruby, mobile development, and Web Assembly. Looking at these other ecosystems can help us understand what the .NET community does well, what our community can draw inspiration from, and how we can contribute to the general health of our little patch of development grass. 

Here are some examples I’ve noticed in our community that have similarities to initiatives happening in other communities (let me know if you agree in the comments):

  • Blazor United – The multi-paradigm programming of Blazor United allows for three modes: static site generation, server-side, and client-side. This model is growing in popularity with JavaScript frameworks like Next.js, Remix, and Astro.
  • MAUI – Mobile development is a daunting problem, and there’s currently a lot of competition in this space. It’s easy to see the similarities in frameworks like Flutter, Kotlin Multiplatform, and JetPack compose, not to mention a strong alternative in our ecosystem in Avalonia.
  • Minimal APIs I just wrote a post about this, and it’s clear to see the inspiration in Minimal APIs from the Ruby ecosystem and the Sinatra library. I could also include a plethora of Node libraries with similar syntax.
  • Web Assembly and WASIWeb Assembly is the new frontier for every ecosystem, and while Rust is the undisputed front-runner in this space, .NET has a real chance to win mind share. WASI will change how we write and deploy code, and it’s one of the most significant transformations in development coming.

I’d also like to highlight some of the work folks are doing to build a bridge to these other communities:

  • DotNetIsolator – Steven Sanderson continues his fantastic work in the WASM space, which will help open up new options for .NET developers. 
  • Vite.AspNetCore – Quetzal Rivera is working on a Vite middleware that helps bring JavaScript’s premiere build tooling into your ASP.NET Core workflow.
  • Avalonia – The Avalonia team has built an incredible toolchain that helps you deliver solutions to macOS, Linux, Windows, and mobile platforms. This year might be the year of Linux on the desktop, finally!
  • Marten – The power of PostgreSQL as a document database and event store? Yes, please.

There’s much to be excited about in technology, especially in the .NET space. Or should I say dotnet? As I wrap up, let me wish you the best this year, and may your backlogs be filled with the best features and your codebases stay bug-free. Please enjoy the excellent community links below, and tell the authors how much you enjoyed their work; it goes a long way.

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