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More Bug Fixes: ReSharper 2023.2.3 and Rider 2023.2.3 Are Out!

ReSharper and Rider have just received their third set of bug-fix updates for the 2023.2 release! Let’s take a look at the most important issues that have been resolved in this update.


  • The previously insufficient timeout period has been extended to allow for Visual Studio to update its configuration after ReSharper’s installation is completed. (RSRP-494277)
  • Visual Studio 2022  running on ARM64 processors no longer crashes during the typing of C# code with ReSharper is enabled. (RSRP-494300)

For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to our issue tracker.


  • Rider once again correctly displays Unity’s declarations on macOS. [RIDER-93883]
  • The ability to deploy and debug to physical iOS 17 devices using Xamarin has been restored. [RIDER-99240]
  • The list of directories is again correctly rendered in the Solution Explorer. [IDEA-326394]
  • Absolute directory paths in the Commit tool window no longer take up too much space as a result of redundantly replicating parent paths. [IDEA-326271]
  • We’ve addressed the issue that made it impossible to copy text from a local machine’s editor and paste it into the editor on Windows Remote Desktop. [IDEA-313776].
  • This build also includes support for @ variables in HTTP Client. [RIDER-98743, IDEA-320823]

For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to our issue tracker.

You can download Rider 2023.2.3 and ReSharper 2023.2.3 from our website or update either product via the Toolbox App. You can also update Rider as a snap for Ubuntu. We would appreciate your feedback on the latest versions! Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below or on X (formerly Twitter) (ReSharper, Rider).

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