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ReSharper and Rider 2023.3.2 – Bug Fixes Have Landed!

A second set of bug fixes for the 2023.3 versions of ReSharper and Rider has just been released. 

Let’s take a look at what’s been improved.


ReSharper 2023.3.2 comes with the following bug fixes:

  • We’ve resolved several erroneous behaviors involving solution-wide analysis. SWEA no longer causes IDE freezes (RSRP-495167), and inaccurate warnings don’t appear for Razor files (RSRP-493921). 
  • The Hides primary constructor parameter warning now only applies to captured primary constructor parameters (RSRP-495077).
  • Primary constructor refactorings now work correctly (RSRP-494901, RSRP-494860). 
  • Clicking on the DataTip icon for record type variables during debugging now results in ReSharper displaying all relevant properties and methods (RSRP-494989).
  • We’ve eliminated the bug where moving a file template to the In Quicklist section would cause an infinite loop of duplicate copies to appear (RSRP-495232).
  • Several bugs causing false positive Entity Framework inspection warnings have been resolved (RSRP-495186, RSRP-495237, RSRP-495227, RSRP-494858).

For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to our issue tracker.


Rider 2023.3.2 comes with the following bug fixes:

  • The IDE is once again able to debug .NET MAUI 8 applications. [RIDER-102944]
  • Rider can run, debug, and locally deploy to an IIS server. [RIDER-101511]
  • Code highlighting no longer goes out of view when typing or pasting code in Unreal Engine solutions. [RIDER-49172]
  • Rider no longer freezes when Refresh Unity Assets is initiated. [RIDER-102905]
  • Self-contained deployment once again works as intended. [RIDER-102217]
  • The Commit window no longer gets stuck when the cleanup option is activated. [RIDER-97983]
  • The Backspace key no longer malfunctions when trying to erase text in some textboxes. [RIDER-100330]
  • Pop-up menus appear in appropriate places inside remote development environments. [RIDER-100330]
  • Editing SQL in C# verbatim interpolated strings no longer causes rendering issues. [RIDER-103274]
  • Git Version Control now works correctly in cases where there’s more than one instance of Rider open for the same branch. [RIDER-100680]
  • Xamarin.Android Designer works correctly. [RIDER-99102]
  • Renaming a project does not interfere with code highlighting. [RIDER-99162, RIDER-102566]
  • Attaching the debugger to an SSH Docker container works as intended. [RIDER-103009]
  • We’ve fixed the issue causing the IDE to display a blank window when opening a second project in full-screen mode on macOS. [IDEA-339992]
  • This build also includes fixes for solution-wide analysis, primary constructor inspections and refactorings, as well as several issues associated with Entity Framework inspections. For more information please see the ReSharper section in this blog post. 

For the full list of resolved issues, please refer to our issue tracker.

You can download the latest builds from our website (Rider, ReSharper) or via the Toolbox App. You can also update Rider as a snap.

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