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Azure Toolkit for Rider v4.0 Preview – Request For Feedback

We have just published the Azure Toolkit for Rider v4.0 preview, compatible with Rider 2024.1. This v4.0 version can be considered a rewrite of the current Azure Toolkit in Rider, and we want to gather your feedback.

Some background…

When we first released the Azure Toolkit for Rider, it was based on the 3.x version of Microsoft’s Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. Microsoft’s toolkit was focused on the needs of folks in the Java ecosystem, working with Microsoft Azure, and we created a fork with .NET-specific functionality.

For Rider, we added Cloud Shell support, Azurite, Azure Functions, and support for working with storage accounts and SQL Databases. Over the years, both plugins have diverged quite a bit, and when Microsoft made changes to the authentication libraries used to work with the Azure APIs, our fork for Rider stopped supporting some of the newer functionality such as logging in with az cli.

We have tried a number of times to rebase and merge our fork with the upstream plugin, without success. This rebase became even more difficult after a number of large architectural changes in the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ, focusing on modularization.

Working together with Microsoft on making the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ more extensible, we found that replaying some of our Rider customizations on this new architecture would be easier than our attempts to rebase – so we did!

We’d like to thank the Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ team at Microsoft for their help and collaboration!

Welcome, Azure Toolkit for Rider v4.0 preview

The Azure Toolkit for Rider v4.0 preview is now available from the JetBrains Marketplace.

What’s currently supported:

  • Sign in using the Azure CLI tools (az cli), device login, …
  • Azure Explorer with the ability to favorite certain services and resources, browse and manage Azure Functions, Azure Web Apps, MySQL, SQL database, PostgreSQL, and Resource Groups
  • Development support for:
    • Azure Functions (running, debugging, project templates, item templates, deployment, …)
    • Azure Web Apps (deployment)
    • Azurite storage emulator
    • Azure Identity settings

For the final v4.0 release, we also want to add Azure Cloud Shell support, and more. These are not yet available in the current preview.

Installing Azure Toolkit for Rider v4.0 preview

The Azure Toolkit for Rider v4.0 preview can be installed by adding a preview plugin repository URL to your Rider 2024.1.x configuration. 

  • Open settings/preferences and navigate to Plugins
  • Click the cogwheel, and Manage Plugin Repositories…
  • Add https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugins/preview/list and click OK
  • The Installed tab should now list an update to the v4.0 preview of the Azure Toolkit for Rider.

If you want to revert to the current, stable version of the plugin, remove the custom plugin repository, uninstall the preview version, and re-install the stable version from the Marketplace tab.

We’re looking for feedback!

What we are looking for:

  • Feedback on the v4.0 preview – does the current functionality work as expected?
  • What features would you like to see prioritized afterwards? (e.g. Container Registry / Container Service, Cosmos DB, Event Hubs, Key Vault, Redis, Service Bus, Storage, …)

Many thanks!

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