Gogland EAP 11: Faster Indexing, Extract/Inline Constant, IntelliJ Platform 2017.2, and More

Andrey Cheptsov

Following the recent release of IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2, we’re happy to announce a new Gogland EAP. In addition to many new platform features (VCS and JavaScript), it comes with lots of improvements specifically for Go.

First of all, we’ve changed the way Gogland indexes libraries inside GOPATH: non-Go files are now ignored, which, depending on your workspace, might make indexing up to twice as fast.

Also, the refactorings family now includes two more members: Extract a Constant and Inline a Constant:

Annoying issues have been fixed:

  • Create Function quick-fix sometimes created functions in a wrong source package
  • The binary wasn’t retained in the output directory after the Run Configuration finished
  • The Debugger stuck on Evaluating when after clicking View to see full content of a variable
  • VCS commits occurring before the Go fmt option (in the Before Commit section) has finished its work

And of course, the update brings the new platform features from IntelliJ Platform 2017.2:

  • Version Control
    • New Git Log actions: Revert and Reword.
    • The new settings let you customize rules applied to commit messages: a blank line between subject and
      body, and the maximum length. Also, there’s a quick fix and the Reformat action inside Commit Message.
    • Shelf tab has been reworked for better performance and ergonomics.
  • Find in Path
    • Preview panel now has a Gutter (a left-hand pane like that in the editor) with line
      numbers, navigation icons, and local change markers.
    • Search results from the same lines are now merged together.
  • Windows 10 native UI
  • Improved HiDPI support
  • JavaScript & TypeScript
    • Parameter Hints and Type Info
    • Rearrange Code
    • Move refactoring (across ES6 modules)
    • CSS modules, better Webpack support, code coverage for Mocha, etc
  • The indexing process now can be paused, e.g. if you need your CPU power for an urgent task.
  • Excluding files from search results and indexing by a filename/directory pattern.

Note, due to certain changes, patches aren’t available for this update.

Give the new EAP build a try, and share your feedback with us. Bug reports as always are welcome in our issue tracker.

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16 Responses to Gogland EAP 11: Faster Indexing, Extract/Inline Constant, IntelliJ Platform 2017.2, and More

  1. Vladimir Varankin says:

    August 1, 2017

    Thank you for such a great IDE.

    > [..] we’ve changed the way Gogland indexes libraries inside GOPATH

    I’d got a strange behaviour after updating to EAP 11: my project has GOPATH set to the project root and a “library” symlinked to this GOPATH. After Goglad has finished indexing some methods from packages of the “library” were shown as unresolved. I couldn’t find any patterns which methods were indexed and which not.

    I recreated the symlink, and as IDE rescanned the project, the problem disappeared. Hope this will help if anyone faces the same issue.

    • Alexander Zolotov says:

      August 1, 2017

      Thank you for feedback and suggested workaround!

      The whole indices subsystem of IntelliJ Platform is not good enough at working with symlinks. In a configuration you described it’s hard to detect which files are part of the local package and which of them are part of the library. So any reindexing might be not smooth enough.

      If you know what Gogland can do to allow you to get rid of symlinks on GOPATH, please file a feature request.

  2. Roman says:

    August 1, 2017

    My Gogland started to crash after updating and the report I was getting was pretty similar to that one: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-13537
    Fortunately, the issue got resolved by installing the Java 1.6, as it’s written here: https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/208516145
    Hopefully, it will save some time for someone.

    • Alexander Zolotov says:

      August 2, 2017

      Hi Roman,

      Setting Java 6 as a JRE for IDE is an unfortunate solution. What JRE did you use before that? Please file an issue at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com with IDE logs, crash report and steps to recreate the issue.

  3. Daniel Frohlich says:

    August 2, 2017

    Vendoring seems broken.
    Gogland can’t find any of my vendored code. 🙁

  4. saga says:

    August 2, 2017

    After upgrading to gogland EAP11, cannot be indexed to the original vendor catalogue, gopath = / go/code/SRC, vendor directory is/go/code/SRC/vendor, how to do?help

    • Alexander Zolotov says:

      August 2, 2017

      Hi saga, please see the answer above.

  5. ANDREY KOLKOV says:

    August 2, 2017

    Window 10 native UI – please fix this!

    • Sergey Ignatov says:

      August 5, 2017

      Please describe your issues.

  6. Michael Rutter says:

    August 3, 2017

    EAP11 appears to have broken module support for GOPATH. The way the build systems in my company are structured we need to specify different GOPATHS for different modules in the same project. This breakage makes Gogland unusable for us.

    • Alexander Zolotov says:

      August 8, 2017

      Please see the comments above. At the moment, it’s fixed in the nightly builds.

  7. Zach says:

    November 2, 2017


    • Zach says:

      November 2, 2017

      Obviously had two blog post opened and post in the wrong one :/


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