Gogland EAP 10 is Out: Go 1.9, Better Remote Debugger, and More

Previous EAP build, released a couple of weeks ago, introduced remote debugging capabilities. However, this feature had a number of limitations:

  • Breakpoints didn’t work if file paths didn’t match layout of the project (e.g. if app was running on Linux and the Gogland instance from which you invoked debugger—on macOS), which happens quite often when you’re trying to remotely debug something in a Docker container.
  • Breakpoints could only be set before starting application (local debugging also had this issue).

We’re happy to announce that both of these issues have been resolved in Gogland EAP 10 that is just published today.

Along with these improvements, it comes with support for Go 1.9, and in particular, its type aliases:

Speaking of the changes you may notice visually, Gogland now displays the Run icon in the gutter area of editor for Scratch Files:

And finally, this update brings numerous bugfixes.

Give this EAP build a try by either updating from Gogland (use Check for Updates action), or via Toolbox App, or just by downloading it from website.

Your feedback, as always, is very appreciated in our issue tracker.

Develop with Pleasure!

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8 Responses to Gogland EAP 10 is Out: Go 1.9, Better Remote Debugger, and More

  1. Artem Kondratyev says:

    >Breakpoints could only be set before

    One of the most anticipated fixes/features. Keep it up!

  2. Ankit says:

    Hi Andrey,

    Would I need to install and run delve in the docker container to remotely debug the docker container?


  3. Marcus says:

    Good Morning,
    Is this a free or paid application?

  4. iclinux says:

    Hi, I downloaded the latest version for mac(gogland-171.4694.61.dmg), and it’s very good.

    My question is: how to show all the opened files in tab(one file in one tab)? currently I can only see one opened file, after another file opened, the first file disappeared, there’s no tabs at all.

    • Andrey Cheptsov says:

      Can you share a screenshot? Make sure you didn’t chose to hide editor tabs and didn’t limit its number to 1 in the Settings | Editor | General | Editor Tabs.

  5. ChangSheng Yu says:

    Hi, the type aliases Code prompt not work in my goglang,it will only show the attribute but not the function。
    did i need any setting?

    My environment:
    System:win7 sp1
    Go:1.9 beta2

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