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Early Access Program News

Early Access Program gets Nightly builds

We have great news for people who are always on the lookout for something new.

After the official Early Access Program (EAP) is open, you no longer need to wait for further EAP builds announcements to try out the new features or the most recent bug-fixes. Now they will be available as soon as they are ready, piping hot, right out of the oven that is our developers’ code. We will provide fresh builds based on the latest development code every day during the whole Early Access Program.

Wondering what Early Access Program is about and what it can do for you? Read a short explanation in this blog post, or if you haven’t read up on the first EAP build highlights yet, now is a great time to kill two birds with one stone.

Please note:

  • The quality of nightly builds is usually below our normal standards and you may encounter many issues.
  • Nightly builds don’t have release notes.
  • Nightly builds as well as EAP builds expire 30 days after their release.

How do I get nightly builds?

Nightly builds are only available via Toolbox App, our free control panel that helps you to easily manage product updates, multiple product versions, and EAPs, as well keep all your projects in one place.

If you haven’t used Toolbox App before, you need to download and install it, then find GoLand in the list of products there and select Install Nightly. Also, for each particular product version, you can tune the settings and choose which particular updates the IDE will install automatically from the choices: release; release and EAP; or release, EAP and Nightly builds.

GoLand in the list of products in Toolbox App

Last, but by no means least: if you’re using a nightly build and you see an issue, please report it immediately to our issue tracker. It will help us provide you with more reliable software sooner!

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