Video Recording and Q&A of What’s New in GoLand 2021.1 Webinar

A few weeks ago we released a new major version of GoLand – GoLand 2021.1. This version comes with the ability to build and run your program remotely via Docker, SSH, and WSL 2, use newly supported features from Go 1.16 ( for example //go:embed), quickly generate code from JSON, and handle errors with ease using the new quick-fixes.

In addition to all of that, the release brings new options for working with databases, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Docker. Why? Because, GoLand is more than just an IDE for Go!

Two weeks ago, held a webinar to show you all the new features in action. If you missed it, no problem, we’ve put together a recording.

If you want to play with the features yourself, you can use the repository with examples that we’ve shared on Github.

If you are interested in any particular feature, feel free to use this timeline to go to the specific topic you are interested in:


Throughout the talk, there were great questions from the audience, so we thought it would be nice to share them here with you.

Q: When will go:linkname be supported in the ide? Because I get Missing function body and I can’t turn the error off even when the code is valid.

A: Please follow GO-4111 for updates.

Q: Is it possible to edit the template that is being used by the "Generate… Test for function" dialogue?

A: Not yet, please follow GO-10290 for updates.

Q: The ML feature is *VERY* cool! Is it learning from ‘me’ or an aggregation of users though? I’m asking because as I’m evaluating I might be ‘teaching’ the ML some ineffective uses of the tool. And if it is some sort of aggregation of usage how frequently is this updated – or is it a case of you have to be online and its reaching out to some service while you are using the tool?

A: It is based on only your usage. You don’t even need to be online to use it. And it certainly doesn’t send any of your data anywhere.

That’s all for today! We are always happy to hear from you! What is your favorite feature of this release? Comment below or tweet us.

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