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Webinar Recording of Our Fireside Chat with the Delve Team

Last week we held a webinar with the Delve team, which works on the open-source Go debugger that was created in 2014 by Derek Parker and now powers most Go IDEs and editors.

We had a cosy one-hour chat with Derek Parker and Alessandro Arzilli (a long-time contributor and influential figure for the debugger’s development), about the idea behind Delve, how new features from the language affect development, how to contribute to the project, their favorite features, their migration to TeamCity, and more.

You’ll even find out whether it is possible to debug Delve in Delve! So make yourself a cup of tea and settle in to watch the webinar recording.


Florin Pățan, Developer Advocate for GoLand and the author of many articles in our blog, hosts this event. Florin has been a gopher for a few years, has built many high-performance distributed projects, and now helps other gophers worldwide.

Alessandro Arzilli has been a Delve maintainer since 2015 and a Go user since before append existed.

Derek Parker is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat (previously CoreOS, Hashrocket) and the creator of the Delve debugger for Go. He is an active open source maintainer, contributor, and speaker, as well as a long-standing member of the Go community.

That’s all! Do you have an idea for a webinar? Share it with us here in comments or on our Twitter. We love hearing from you!

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