More intelligence for JSF component libraries

Make sure you try the extended JSF components support in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 EAP. Completion, error highlighting and basic refactorings have been added for RichFaces 3.x (a4j and rich) and standard (html and core) component libraries.

Write us about your favorite JSF library and we’ll add support for it asap.

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17 Responses to More intelligence for JSF component libraries

  1. sam says:

    IceFaces support would be nice :-)

  2. Jason Porter says:

    I think the big three you’ll find creeping up again anda again will be RichFaces, ICEfaces, and PrimeFaces (good luck keeping up, this one changes almost daily :)

  3. Armando Flores Ibarra says:

    PrimeFaces !!!

  4. martin says:

    sorry for my last comment, we have some strange network issues here, the link works :)

  5. Klaus says:

    PrimeFaces +1 :-)

  6. PrimeFaces support will be great :)

  7. +1 sam
    IceFaces would be great!

  8. Steven says:

    PrimeFaces as they have a JSF 2.0 implementation ready.

  9. Bulent says:

    PrimeFaces support

  10. Oleg says:

    PrimeFaces support is urgent needed. It’s a wide used JSF 2 component library.

  11. serega.vasiliev says:

    PrimeFaces is already in IdeaX eap, IceFaces support will be added in the next eap.

  12. serega.vasiliev says:

    OpenFaces is added too

  13. Alex says:

    PrimeFaces + PrettyFaces

  14. tom says:


  15. toms says:

    Primefacess +1000000.

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